Accessorise Your Bathroom with a Modern Timber Vanity: Maximise Storage and Aesthetics

Making all the decisions involved in a bathroom renovation isn’t an easy task. Choosing between ceramic or porcelain tiles, acrylic or cast iron tub, wall rang or two-piece toilets, etc, can feel quite overwhelming. If you’re feeling stuck on which bathroom vanity to choose, I have a suggestion for you – a modern timber vanity.  

Solid timber vanity units are once again fashionable and more attractive than ever. As farmhouse and shabby chic themes have become more popular, so has the use of timber cabinets which pair perfectly with these decor styles. But even if you’re after a modern look, this element is certain to give your bathroom a nice touch.

The lovely wood grain of these vanities provides a natural and neutral pattern that enables you to design within any kind of colour palette from muted to colourful. Make your bathroom stand out from others by skipping the traditional all-white scheme and investing in a timber bathroom vanity. 

Timber and Water?

If you’re wondering if it is okay to have wood in the bathroom, know that with the right finish, timber can actually be one of the most durable and long-lasting materials available. Manufacturers generally use a high-performance finish with oils that absorb into the timber for nourishing and a wax layer that sits on the surface. 

Because this type of finish is not fixable, it if gets scratched, it can be easily repaired. This isn’t the case with laminex, veneer and epoxy finishes, which can be affected by wear and tear. So pay special attention to the finish of the timber vanity before you buy it. 

Finding the Right Timber Vanity for a Modern Bathroom

Before you buy a modern timber vanity, it’s important that you decide if the model you’re considering is a practical option for your space. Although certain vanities can be customised to a certain degree, they will probably have some limitations, such as size options. 

Take measurements for your vanity area, determine the locations of the bathroom taps and waste, and take into account the type of wall material you have because some won’t support a wall-hung vanity. And then, take the following steps. 

Choose a Fresh Style

Technically, any type of vanity can be made out of timber, but the “floating vanity” kind is the most popular style. Also referred to as wall-mounted vanities, floating vanities are attached to your wall, leaving an empty area below. They’re one of the most space-efficient vanity solutions available on the market and they look amazing in both modern and classic bathrooms. 

Still, the part of these vanities that practical homeowners love the most is the storage area they offer, which can be used to store toilet paper or even to quickly conceal soiled clothing before washing them.

Select a Matching Colour

When shopping for a timber vanity, you’ll have a wide range of finishes to choose from. From light, nude colours to something dark and bold, there are so many possibilities, which means you’ll certainly find the one that is right for you. Having a bathroom design plan in place before making your final choice of fixtures and fittings is a good idea.

Instead of having fixtures and fittings that appear as if they belong in various different spaces, your home should ideally look lovely and harmonious. Once you know what kind of lighting fixtures, toilet, bathtub, and railings you’ll be installing in your space, you’ll know what kind of vanity wood to put.

Consider the Location of the Basins

After deciding on the number of basins you want, you’ll also want to consider their placement. If you decide on a single basin, for example, you can opt to place it in the centre of the vanity. If you don’t like symmetrical patterns or prefer an offset location, then you can choose to place your basin closer to the edge of the vanity and use the remaining space for your beauty products or maybe a beautiful flower arrangement for a splash of colour.

Decide on the Configuration

If you are the type of person who likes to keep everything hidden and out of sight, you might want to consider drawers and doors. If you like to have some decorative elements on the shelves or objects that are easily accessible, then look for open spaces and shelves. Look for free spaces and shelves if you like to showcase some ornamental items or keep some stuff conveniently accessible. 

Think about your bathroom rituals because we all have our own personal patterns and preferences for how things should be. For instance, simply because it looks nicer or is cooler, you wouldn’t want a vanity without drawers. Remember that it’s your minor habits that help you become more effective.

Push to Open vs Finger Pull: What is Better? 

Opening the doors or pulling out the drawers of vanity isn’t a hard task, but even in that department, some fascinating features can be e added. These characteristics might not always be obvious, but they can provide a little more design flair. It all comes down to aesthetics and practicality. 

If you aren’t a fan of handles and doorknobs and want your vanity to be as simple and minimal as possible, know that doors can be opened using the push-to-open method, which requires only a small amount of pressure from your fingers or hand. The door will then bounce open gently, making it simple to open.

The Finger Pull is yet another choice. This feature is not automatic, however, individuals who value design may find it appealing. It is simple to pull the drawer out by placing your fingertips behind the edge.

The option to choose traditional door handles or knobs will always be available. By selecting this option, you may give your vanity more decorative depth. For instance, you can select intriguing and eye-catching handles for a modestly designed vanity. They are available in all sizes, hues, and patterns. The good news is that you can give your bathroom a new look without spending a lot of money if you get bored with the colour of the knobs. Simply change them, purchase a new set, and match them with a new colour towel set.

Things You Should Know When Buying a Timber Vanity

  • Keep in mind that like with any natural material,  your vanity may look a little different from an image, or one you’ve seen on display. There may be differences in colour, veins, and grains, but that actually adds to their beauty. 
  • Mass-produced “budget” vanities appear cheap, are prone to fade, and don’t last long. So make sure you invest in a quality timber vanity. 
  • Even semi-custom bathroom vanity pieces will likely take a few weeks to complete, so leave time in your project timetable.
  • Find out whether there are any unique cleaning or upkeep requirements, especially for the benchtops.