A Prepper’s Guide to Choosing the Best Work Boots

Are you one of those people that are cautious about future disastrous events and crisis?  Do you love saving up and preparing yourself just in case something unexpected occurs? Well, as a prepper, the first thing you should do is get yourself some durable, sturdy and comfortable work shoes.

Almost 20% of deadly disasters are as a result of floods and snowy weather, 30% are due to electric connections and 10% by falling objects. Therefore, when you arm yourself to the tooth with reliable  workboots for men and women, you will be safe in case disaster strikes. That is why you need to peruse through this guide so you can educate yourself on how to choose safety footwear according to features, qualities, and your job occupation.  

Practical Tips on How to Choose Your Best Footwear for Survival

As a self-sufficient prepper, you need multifunctional boots that are not only a good fit for the tactical environment but also complement your natural lifestyle. Check out these extensive boot features that will make your prepping efforts effortless:

#01. Safety Toes

Safety features can either break or make your work shoes. A perfect work boot consists of a robust safety toe feature that makes for an excellent addition to your work shoe especially when you regularly deal with heavy falling objects. 

They include a steel toe, aluminum toe, and composite toe. Steel toes are extremely important since they handle more of a crushing force than composites and they also act as conductors in cold and hot climates. Composite toes, on the other hand, consist of plastic, carbon fiber or Kevlar and they offer you protection without exposing your feet to the harshest of elements. According to James Blake from MyBestWorkBoots, steel toe work boots allow you to face any situation with confidence.

# 02.Metatarsal Guards

It is another layer of heavy-objects-falling protection for your toes and higher foot. It preferred by companies operating in the most extreme conditions. They are incredible for welding and surroundings wherever hot objects can be a headache. 

#03. Traction

Traction is a vital factor that keeps you on your feet once the going gets tough. One-third of all construction-related accidents are as a result of a fall or slip. Therefore with excellent traction, you can avoid some of these hazards.The best methodology for avoiding stupid accidents is for you to be aware and mindful. That is why prepping is all about being tuned in to the inevitable misfortune and preparing for it preemptively. 
To cut the story short, you will need Vibram rubber soles with superior index. 

If you are however operating with some harsh chemicals, TPU (Thermo Poly Urethane) they can provide you with high resistance to grease, abrasion and other chemicals. TPU is lighter and possesses more wear-resistance than a rubber sole. 

#04. Support

Every a part of your operating boots influences its support system. Midsoles, insoles, puncture plates, shanks, and outsoles all provide their overall contribution to the general feel. If there is no universal formula here, you will only try them on and see how supported your feet and ankles feel. If you experience frequent blistering, you need to consider upgrading the insoles and opt for EVA midsoles for ultimate flexibility and cushioning. You have all the protection you need in the world in your work boots. Therefore you do not have to deal with stiffer polymer midsoles.

#05. Construction

Your work boot construction is also essential. The primary feature of any work shoe is the Cement Construction. It refers to the “cementing” of the outsole and upper. They are very flexible and lightweight and you can re-sole them. There is also the Goodyear Welt that is the most durable option for your boots’ construction and is very simple. Last but not least, there is the Blake Stitch where uppers, sock liner, and soles are all connected via single stitch. It is a very secure attaching method, forming a robust bond between all the integral parts of the work boot. 

In conclusion

Keep your feet prepped and ready for action with these robust features because they are paramount in any survival situation.