A Guide to Building a Stronger Family Despite the Distance

Being away from your family is a rite of passage that everyone goes through. It is a necessary step that you eventually experience, whether for independence, a new job, marriage, or school. Carrying yourself as an individual can be challenging without the support system you are used to, but it can be just as liberating. The important thing to remember is that maintaining relationships with loved ones, even from a distance, can help improve your overall well-being

By holding on to cherished memories that you share, you can still maintain a positive connection. In a way, the distance can help mend relationships that were suffocated by the physical presence of one another in a small space. Sometimes, scarce but meaningful communication will be more significant than constant yet mundane chatter.

However, it is still important to understand the nuances of digital communication and what certain phrases or actions mean to one another in the virtual space. It is also important to look forward to a moment in the future when all of you can be together again. This provides hope and promises another set of memories to talk about when you are far apart once more. 

Sentimental Objects

There are things that people consider as memorabilia from significant moments in their life. By activating the senses, it is easier for someone to recall an event in the past when they touch or see an object that belonged to that point in time. For example, as you walk on the beach, you might notice how others pocket a rock, a shell, or sea glass. It could be just a hobby or a personal project, but the next time they have access to whatever they picked up, they are likely to remember where they were on that day. 

Spending time with your family in person can help have something for them to hold on to if you are no longer together. For instance, silicone rings that commemorate an event or a movie you saw together will bring back loving memories every time they see it on their finger. As a result, they will feel a sense of belonging when they recall your memories with each other. 

There is no denying the sentimentality of most humans. In return for fits of euphoria, pain, and vulnerability, the objects that provide the memories help strengthen spirits as they reinforce moments of character building through interactions with others. This is why it is a great idea to buy a souvenir or a special gift to commemorate cherished moments. 

Understanding Digital Communication

Like the constant evolution of any language, spoken or physical, there are certain customs to learn regarding digital communication. Some factors to consider are the timeliness of a reply, the varying implications of punctuation online, and the “emoji language” that can be challenging to interpret if you are not aware. A barrier to communication can exacerbate a generation gap, but it can also help connect both ends when they decide to understand each other better. 

It takes extra effort to rewire your brain to learn another language, and this is going to be the same experience with the new colloquialisms developed online. Some words will have novel and different meanings. Fortunately, this can be overcome by asking each other what a certain word or phrase means and being willing to explain the new generation’s language. 

Making Plans

As mentioned earlier, it is important to make plans with one another. This provides both parties something to look forward to. Wishful thinking can play a role in improving the emotional approach to the strain relationships experience due to the distance. It also gives them a goal to live for and work toward.

Dreaming of the day, you can watch movies and go to amusement parks can encourage both parties to hold on to the connection. These are not entirely impossible plans; their schedules and finances need to be in the right place at the same time. Deciding on a date set for family meet-ups can also be a good way to ensure that the appointments are met. 

Though independence may be sweet, being surrounded by family (whether biological or chosen) provides a major boost to your mental health. A shared sense of belonging can uplift your self-esteem to feel important and loved. No matter how far you are from each other, maintaining this relationship can provide you with the aforementioned benefits as long as both sides make an effort. So take the time and ensure that everyone reaches out to each other.

Meta title: Maintaining a Long-distance Relationship with Your Family
meta desc: The physical separation of families arose with the ever-increasing diaspora. Even though it should be easier to communicate now, there are still nuances.