8 Tips to Help You Select the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Most people love living in clean houses, but the majority don’t like the cleaning process. Having to sweep floors, remove cobwebs, and dust the drapes isn’t something most people enjoy. 

These tasks, however, can be made a lot easier with the right vacuum cleaner. Choosing the best hard floor vacuum cleaner, just like with other household appliances, isn’t something that you should do in a hurry. The following eight pointers, however, provided by home environment expert Mark Johnson, should make the job a lot easier.

#01. Consider the Size of the Home and Its Inhabitants

The size of your house and the people or pets living there determines how you clean. A person with children and a dog will need to clean their floors and upholstery a lot more often than someone living alone. Additionally, the size of your house and its design, whether a bungalow or maisonette, should influence your decision. You don’t want to invest in a vacuum cleaner to realize that you can barely haul it up the stairs.

#02. Check the Flexibility and Maneuverability 

A good vacuum cleaner is one you can use without throwing out your back. It means choosing a machine with a flexible hose and powerhead. This way, you can clean your drapes and efficiently reach those corners. A power cable of about twenty feet is also standard to allow you to easily clean the room without having to look for other plugs or extension cords.

#03. The Weight

For a thoroughly cleaned house, you need to attend to all the rooms in the house, which might mean dragging the vacuum behind you as you clean. To avoid straining your back, then you should get a machine that isn’t more than sixteen pounds. This way, you can comfortably carry it up a flight of stairs.

#04.Performance and Efficiency

The suction power determines the performance of vacuum cleaners. It, in turn, is determined by engine power. Basically, the higher the engine power, the greater the suction. It will mean you won’t need to pass over the same surface over and over to ensure the surface is clean.

#05. Electricity Consumption

For the longest time, vacuums with high energy powers were considered to drain much electricity. Therefore, while they may ensure you have clean floors, they will also make your electricity bill shoot through the roof—however, the only option. You can opt for a ”green” machine. This way, you still get a high performing vacuum without high electricity consumption. Vacuum cleaners with a power selector will also help you regulate electricity consumption.

#06. Noise Levels

It can be very annoying when you’re sound asleep only to be woken by the sound of someone vacuuming. The recommended noise level from your vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be higher than 85 dB. Something you need to remember is when checking the machine’s noise levels, to also check the engine power. Some manufacturers reduced the noise levels by lowering the engine power instead of improving the canister’s sound insulation.

#07. Budget

Once you make sure the machines you’re looking at check all these boxes, you can start looking at the price tags. It should involve some online shopping and also window shopping at different appliance stores. It gives you a ballpark figure that you can then use to set your budget. Remember that functional appliances do not come cheap, but this doesn’t mean that you have to bleed your account dry.

#08. Warranty

Machines from trusted manufacturers come with warranties, and therefore, make sure you don’t overlook this factor. Having a warranty will ensure that if the vacuum breaks down due to a manufacturer related fault, they cover the cost of fixing it.

In summary, a good vacuum cleaner will serve you for years. Therefore, take your time choosing the right machine.