6 YouTube Marketing Tips You Need to Know

As of 2022, YouTube has over 120 million active daily users and 2.6 billion monthly users.

Since its foundation in 2005, it has continuously grown and developed each year. Now it’s the second most popular social media platform on the internet.

YouTube started life as a community for amateurs to share short clips around the globe. But as it evolved, YouTubers have found ways to promote brand awareness and make money online.

You can learn how to do the same by reading the best YouTube marketing tips below!

1. Do Your Research

Research is the first place to start with every social media marketing campaign. Skipping this stage means you won’t know what your customers want, need, or dislike.

Start by researching your competition. Find out everything about the brand, from the tone of voice to their most viewed videos. You will learn what your customers want, but you also need to find ways to improve their downsides.

It’s also vital that you stay up to date and research the latest trends. You can do so by checking out this post on trending YouTube videos by The HOTH.

2. Use Engaging Titles and Thumbnails

Would you click on “Dallas Attractions” with a blurry image of an unknown building? Or click on “Unmissable things to do in Dallas” with a quality image of the city’s skyline?

Of course, you’d click the latter, and your potential viewers will do the same. So write an engaging and descriptive title that will interest and tell the viewer what is happening in the video. And catch the viewer’s eye with an admirable 16:9 aspect ratio image. 

3. Engage With Viewers

Engaging with viewers will help build relationships and create a crucial loyal fanbase. People feel like they’re talking to a regular person rather than an AI robot. 

It’s also a clever digital marketing technique. You can find out what your audience enjoys and what you can do to improve videos. Sometimes you might even pick up ideas for content from comments. 

4. Make a Schedule

You and your subscribers will benefit from a schedule. 

With so much going on in our daily lives, it can be easy to forget to post a video. A schedule will keep you on your toes by telling you what time and day you need to post a video. When your audience knows you post at the same time each day, they’ll look forward throughout the day to the video.

5. Do a Giveaway

A giveaway is a great digital advertising technique used by millions of channels. But before you begin, figure out the goal of your giveaway.

If you want to increase your social media engagement, create rules that do just that. Tell your viewers to like and comment on the video to enter. It will increase your engagement and gain support and excitement from your subscribers.  

6. Add a CTA

Call to action (CTA’s) are marketing ideas that encourage an immediate goal. It could be a link to a page on your website or simply telling the viewer to subscribe to the channel.

To figure out what CTA to use, you need to find out your intended result for the video. If you want more views, you might ask your audience to share the video. If you want more Instagram followers, have a link to your account. 

Grow Your Channel With 6 of the Best Marketing Tips

YouTube is a rewarding online advertising tool. You can share content and increase brand awareness, and it’s completely free!

Since YouTube is constantly growing and evolving, it’s time to get to work right away!

Then, come back to read our blog for more marketing tips and ways to get the most out of the online world!