6 Industrial Style Decorating Tips You Need To Know About

Home decoration is a wild place to be. There are so many different styles and details you can use to make your home more aesthetically pleasing and more functional as well. The same goes for the industrial style. When speaking about industrial style, the first things that come to mind must be metallic lighting fixtures, bricks, concrete, and weathered wood. All of these create a well-recognized industrial style. The main inspiration for decorations like these are warehouses, farmhouses, and factories. So, if you want to make your home give off industrial vibes like this, then here are a couple of things you must know. 

Start Off With Great Pieces 

The industrial style is about massive pieces, so you know where to start. You should focus your attention on details such as bricks, industrial accents, greenery, wood, and metal. These are recognizable elements of this style. So, having a brick wall with some greenery on it, accompanied by a massive leather sofa in a deep brown color, sounds like a perfect idea. By adding metal elements such as hanging shelves or coffee tables, accompanied by an industrial display cabinet and a huge wooden table, you will have a well-rounded story and industrial aesthetics all set up. As you may have noticed, industrial style is a play of raw materials and big contrasts, so make sure that the color palette of deep brown, green, navy, black, and gray makes a good contrast with some decorations in vivid orange, mint green, yellow, and red. 

Vintage Touch 

Vintage furniture is always a good choice and is a good couple with some antique figurines and wooden furniture you already have in your home. The industrial style is partially about vintage vibes, which add richness and classiness. If this sounds like an expensive idea, worry not. You can still achieve these vibes on a budget. For instance, you can paint your wooden furniture in pastel colors or simply use wallpaper stickers if you do not have wooden furniture. Besides, you can take care of your lighting and add vintage light fixtures to round up the vibe. 

Color Palette Makes the Greatest Difference

If you have decided for industrial vibes to be your home aesthetic, then the color palette is the first and main thing to take care of. The walls, decorations, furniture, details, you name it, should be in shades that well-accompany each other. Speaking of this, some rustic shades make the best picks. Choosing colors that are mostly ambers and brown for your furniture; gray, white, and beige for your walls; metals and greenery for your decorations, you will achieve the peak of this style. Additionally, you can experiment with colors as long as it is not too much. Tiny color pops will help you deepen the space and make it more playful. 

Look for Proper Lighting 

You must have seen hanging lights in warehouses with super bright, yellow light bulbs. Thanks to industrial style expansion, these are now available for commercial use as well. Pendant lights and ceiling lights are the most common picks for any industrial-inspired home. The geometrical shape and rustic colors make it different from other types of lighting. So, when picking lighting for your home, make sure you get the right type. 

You Can Not Make It Without Art on the Walls

Big picture frames, massive clocks, and wall art make the look of your industrially designed home complete. However, you need to pay attention when choosing these pieces to go well with the rest of your place. For instance, when choosing a wall clock, the best pick is to go with a geared wall clock, or you can always invest in a grandfather clock. Other pieces, such as picture frames and the art itself, should be in rustic colors and with metal elements that will perfectly accompany the rest of the aesthetic. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 

Don’t forget to add mirrors. If you want to create softness and light in your room, then you should be brave and add some to your space. Somehow, mirrors became a legit trend that goes well with a great number of different home interior styles. The industrial style is no exception. Yet, you need to pay attention to the details. Rustic wooden frames or metal frames in round or square shapes will probably match your space the best. 

The industrial style is among the most popular nowadays, and there are a whole host of reasons for this. This style is effortless and rustic, fierce and calm, deep and reflective; it has all the contrasts that make your home give off your personality vibes.