5 Ways To Enhance Your Selfies for Social Media Influencing

In the era where social media influencers dominate the internet, having a perfect social media portfolio is key. While video-based content takes precedence on the internet, we can’t ignore that static images, especially selfies, play a crucial role in social media influence.

The most common question people have is, “How do I perfect and enhance my selfies on social media platforms?” Surprisingly, there are multiple ways of achieving or capturing a perfect selfie. A recent study on selfies shows that only 29% of people are willing to share a selfie without editing it first. Mastering the art of taking the perfect selfie is essential for avoiding excessive time spent on retouching.

In this article, We discuss how you can adorn your social media page with the perfect selfies.

1. Always Face the Light Source

The first and potentially most important factor while taking a selfie is prioritizing the light source. This is what makes all the difference in the world. If you aren’t facing the light source, be assured that the selfie, as a whole, will look pretty dull.

It doesn’t matter whether you are relying on an artificial light source or natural sunlight; the key is to face “TOWARDS” the light source and not “AWAY” or “AGAINST” it.

2. Screen Flash is your Enemy

Camera flash comes in handy now and then. However, when taking a selfie, you want to avoid screen flashes. This is where things get complicated and distort the appearance of the selfie as a whole.

One of the main reasons why you don’t want to use a screen flash is to avoid getting the “red eye” effect. It ruins the whole vibe and the appearance of the selfie that you have likely spent a reasonable amount of time perfecting.

3. Your Smile Matters

The next thing that you need to pay close attention to is the facial expression, more precisely, your smile. Unless the selfie is meant to project a very serious expression, sporting a smile on your face is a great way to enhance the whole appearance of the selfie.

It is common to “fake a smile” for a selfie. However, if you are an influencer, chances are that your audience can easily distinguish a fake smile from a real and natural one. That’s not the message you want to get through.

4. Play with the Camera Angles

Even with selfies, the camera angle matters. You want to capture the image from different angles until one stands out. You can capture from a high angle while keeping your chin down. You can capture from a low angle while looking up; the options are endless.

Selfies don’t always mean that you need to have everything in symmetry. It might look good in some cases and might not hold as much importance in other ones. It all comes down to one perspective – how do you want the selfie to turn out? Playing around with angles and ideas is a great way to see what works for your social media feed and what doesn’t.

5. Make Use of the Timer

The camera app on your smartphone has a timer for a reason. It’s there to make your life easier and give you time to explore your options. Taking your selfies using the volume rocker button can result in a distorted selfie, which is the last thing you want.

Using a timer is a great way to capture multiple selfies at your convenience. You can hold the camera steadily, or you can go ahead and place it somewhere static and then capture the selfies at random.


Taking a selfie isn’t rocket science, but perfecting the art of taking an “Instagram-worthy” selfie in the era of social media influencing is necessary. We hope that these tips will come in handy for you, especially if you are stuck trying to figure out what works best for your feed and what doesn’t.