5 unusual facts about dating

Are you still looking for that special someone? You are not alone. Every day, more than 90 million people worldwide use dating sites, and every week singles events are arranged to make matches.

Here are some unusual facts about dating to think about as you get prepared for your next speed dating event…


1. You attract who you are. Psychologists have found that you are looking for someone like you, and someone like you is looking for you!

2. If you date a woman, you should come prepared with some intelligent conversation topics. Studies show that women are not impressed by empty compliments. They want brains!

3. It will take around 12 dates for a couple to exchange house keys. Now count how many times you’ve met each other…

4. Women are attracted to men in blue. A blue shirt is an excellent choice for your next date if you are planning to impress a lady!

5. Speed dating was invented in Los Angeles by a rabbi in 1999. It is modeled after youth events and seems to work just as well for adults.

Bonus fact: Women that post their pictures on online dating sites get two times the amount of messages that women without photos in their profiles get.