5 Non-Run-Of-The-Mill Subjects to Study

There are a lot of safe paths to follow when it comes to your university degree; you could look into business, law, or medicine. However, not everyone wants to follow a typical career path. There are a plethora of jobs available in the world, and you might need to follow an unusual university degree to get them. Perhaps you want to specialize in midwifery or jewelry making?

Often, your university degree isn’t simply about getting the vocational preparation you need. Your education doesn’t have to train you for something, as long as it can prepare you for anything. This is a list of some unexpected programs you might enjoy studying. 

Unexpected outcomes of English majors

Most people who pursue literature as a degree might struggle to find gainful employment after graduating. Many English graduates end up going into teaching, content writing, or further specialize in journalism, but there are other options.

If you went to a liberal arts college, you had to take various courses alongside your core modules. The combination of creative writing, mass communications, and political science you had studied might seem unrelated, but they can help you out. They are the perfect ingredients for becoming a speech writer for any public figure. Your education in public speaking, debate, rhetoric, and political knowledge will be vital for this exciting and unique career path. It can allow you to express your creativity while also doing your part to create positive change in the world.

Working in entertainment engineering

Engineering can sound like a boring and highly technical career path, where you might spend most of your time in a lab. Well, not all branches of engineering are limited to crunching numbers and figuring out which screws go into which hole. This can let you work in a field that helps you set up amazing concerts and events. Have you ever seen the Kendrick Lamar 2016 Grammy performance? Those pyrotechnical additions to the stage needed an entertainment engineer to create them.

A lot of the lights, effects, and elements on stage are credited to the right engineer. A concert can seriously enhance the impact of an album and can make fans feel closer to the music. You could be part of why some of those fans feel so close to the artist. It is a career that requires a lot of education and technical training, but it can be very satisfying.

A degree in game design

A lot of computer science education comes down to designing front-end stacks or developing apps, but the field is expanding in many new directions. Gaming isn’t just a nerdy hobby for people spending time in their basement having LAN parties anymore. The gaming industry has become so popular that in 2021, consumers spent a massive $44 billion on gaming software and services, according to a report. This growth can be credited not only to the popularity of traditional gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox, but the greater availability of trendy gaming computers and mobile-platform games.

A degree in gaming design can teach you the needed skills for this line of work, such as character drawing, computer graphics, and 3D modeling. If you get into a great program, it also gives you a chance to showcase your student projects to leading companies and land a job right out of college.

Studying circus and physical theatre

You might think this can’t be a real program, but the fact of the matter is that you can turn clowning around into a professional venture. These types of circus acts degrees are geared toward providing practical industry experience and preparing you for a career as a circus theatre artist. This isn’t the path that most people follow, but if you want to shift from being a class clown to a professional clown, this is for you.

But don’t think this degree is easy. It might not be as hard as sociology. However, you will still spend a fair amount of time doing critical commentaries and writing essays. It turns out that even being a clown can require some academic merit. On the plus side, the top 75 percent of circus performers earn upwards of $74,880.

Working in baking and pastry technologies 

Doing something fun or creative doesn’t mean that using technology can’t be used to help you. In the world of photography, the computational aid of autofocusing points can improve low-light performance and capture images that would have seemed impossible a decade ago. Similarly, the use of technology within the baking industry can make the life of bakers easier, allow them to create more unique food creations, and improve the productivity of the craft. You can either get this degree to better yourself or better the lives of people who work as chefs.


Having a unique major can help you create a one-of-a-kind career path that can launch you into a life that you couldn’t predict. While it is easy and safe to follow the well-beaten path, you need to decide if that is what you need to do. If you want to do something unlike anyone else and find a job that matches your personality, you can find a university degree that’s right for you.