5 hotels around the world with eerie historical background

Would you dare spend a night in a hotel with a spooky historical background? Whether it’s a forsaken 20th-century hotel balancing dangerously on the cliff’s edge in Columbia or a luxury property in LA with different types of amenities, these lodging systems have one thing in general: They have an eerie entity, which makes them the top other-worldly hotels worldwide.

There are plenty of creepy locations around the globe, but spooky hotels have a certain air of unease. Things going “bump” in the night appear to be even bumpier in a corridor full of folks sleeping, though this may be due to the impact of so many television shows and movies. So, these are the top 5 global hotels with a spooky historical background.

Hotel Sorrento, Seattle

With its lavish building and coastal Italian motif that extends from the Renaissance-style decoration to the dining selections, Hotel Sorrento is unquestionably among the greatest properties in Seattle.

In addition, it is the residence of Alice B. Toklas, a very upscale ghost who the New York Times refers to as a “scion in the creative scene of the early 20th century.” According to visitors, room 408—reportedly Toklas’ favorite lodging—has been the scene of a couple of amicable ghost experiences. If you want to spend a night in this hotel, comparing prices on Cozycozy.com is the best thing to do!

Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

The hospital and operation sections were located on floors 12 and 14 of the Emily Morgan, first used as a healthcare facility. The Emily Morgan was constructed in 1924, and its floors have been the focus of several sightings by visitors, mostly of a woman in a white dress and inexplicable, late-night phone calls with no answer. The Alamo, a historically significant cemetery for fallen soldiers said to be haunted, is also adjacent to the hotel.

Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi, Rome

This five-star Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome seems to have something of a “playful soul” living there. Massimo and Maurizio Papiri, architects, designed the hotel, and its décor recalls the lavish lifestyle of villas occupied by Rome’s aristocracy in the 1600s.

Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi, Rome

The Langham, London

A man allegedly loves hanging out in his Victorian evening attire in Room 333 at the Langham, London (but only during October). Other reported sightings of apparitions at this well-known hotel feature a soldier, a German nobleman, and past regular visitor Napoleon III, who is rumored to be roaming the basement.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

This chateau-style hotel in Banff National Park was constructed in 1888 to promote Western vacationing and sell railway passes. However, when you enter the Fairmont, something slightly more Gothic happens—and it’s not just referring to the building’s design.

Numerous spirits, including a bride who allegedly fell down the stone staircase at her marriage ceremony, have been described as frequent visitors. Sam, the bellman, who worked at the hotel until 1975 and said he would reappear to haunt the place, is also a less traumatic ghost. Before escaping, his ghost is said to work shifts helping others with their bags.

These are the top 5 hotels with historical spooky backgrounds. Visit one of these hotels, and please share your experience with us.