4 Ways to Make Your Steel Toe Work Boots More Comfortable

The comfort of steel toe boots, or any work boots for that matter, is of paramount importance. Steel is a common material used to design work boot toes. James Blake from MyBestWorkBoots give reasons that range from its strength and durability to its high resistance to moisture and corrosion. 

But due to its sturdiness, steel is inflexible. And that might work against your comfort requirements. Fortunately, there’re proven ways on how you can improve the comfort of your steel toe boots

1. Go for Long and Broad Boots

The first step towards improving the comfort of your steel toe work shoes is going for the right size and shape. Here, the experts recommend long and broad work boots. Remember that these boots aren’t your ordinary shoes. That’s because they feature a thick steel toe-cap. The boots also come with a puncture-resistant steel shank fitted on the soles.  Therefore, always make allowances for size when choosing these boots. 

If you buy them based on your regular measurements, they’ll feel tighter than your standard shoes. So, what’s the ideal allowance you should make? Generally, go for boots that are at least a full size on the higher side. That way, you will avoid undue foot fatigue and blistering. The shoes should be broad enough to compensate for the thicker steel toe caps. Most importantly, your toe area should have enough wiggle room. 

2. Insist on Quality

Since you’ll be using them at work, emphasis on quality. Choosing cheap and subpar steel toe work boots aren’t worth it. The shoes wear out much faster, prompting you to buy new pairs more frequently. Additionally, comfort will always elude you for as long as you wear the boots. 

It doesn’t matter how long you intend to have your steel toe work shoes. Be it for a couple of weeks or years, always insist on high-end brands. However, also remember that price isn’t the only measure of quality. Therefore, take time to check up reviews of popular brands before making your purchase. Get to learn of what past clients had to say about the boots. In the end, you might still find high-end steel toe boots at reasonably low prices.

3. Choose the Right Pair of Socks

It doesn’t matter how high-quality your steel toe work boots are. Without the right pair of socks, you’ll never achieve your desired comfort levels. Choosing proper socks for steel toe work shoes shouldn’t be difficult. First, look for socks that feature extra padding in the toe and heel areas. As you may have guessed, this padding absorbs much of the shock the shoe cause when in use. The cushioning also gives the shoes a snugly fit. 

In addition to this padding, ensure you get the right-fitting socks. And by that, we mean socks that match your feet size as opposed to the size of your boots. The extra cushioning means you won’t be buying socks every other day. 

4. Get Aftermarket Insoles

It’s impossible to discuss the comfort of steel toe work boots without mentioning insoles. It doesn’t matter whether you get the right shoe size. Neither does it matter how comfortable the socks feel. Without the right insoles, you will always find your boots uncomfortable to wear. And when looking for insoles, always go for the aftermarket varieties. 

Aftermarket insoles enable you to experiment with different designs. You can then choose insoles that are custom made for your shoe size. However, aftermarket insoles are relatively costly. Decent ones cost upwards of $20. Fortunately, you get good value for your money in terms of comfort and durability. When buying steel toe work boots, you should go for those which come with removable insoles. That makes it easy to incorporate new insoles any time. 

In Conclusion

When buying steel toe work boots, you should take extra care to ensure you end up with a comfortable pair. The process of purchasing these shoes doesn’t end in getting the right pair. You also need a proper pair of socks and insoles. 

To get it right, ensure you fully understand your feet dimensions. Next, read up reviews on popular brands and choose one that fits your comfort requirements. Lastly, top it up by going for great pairs of insoles and socks.