4 Ways to Improve Your Style Sense

Style is how you express yourself to the world. It expresses one’s personal style. To have a style it is not necessary to follow trends but follow what you like and stay true to it. Since style is timeless it is very important to learn its basics and form a strong foundation. Every style is unique therefore it is essential to know yourself before applying any knowledge. Here we are going to discuss some incredible ways to improve your sense of style. Clothes, bags, accessories, glasses, and footwear all come under one big umbrella of fashion. So, it is necessary to look at all these aspects when considering ones’ style.

  • Know who you are?

If you want to build a personal style you must first know yourself. What you like to wear, what colours suit you, what is your body type, ask yourself these questions and write them down. Fabrics are another very important thing to consider when picking clothes. There might be some fabrics you are very comfortable with. The place where you live is also a factor to keep in mind when picking clothes. What is the occasion for which you are planning is another factor. Wedding party, casual meetings, or a formal work outfit different outfits fit different occasions. If you find yourself stuck with no inspirations head to Instagram handles of your favourite celebrity, designer, or influencer. Pinterest is another cool site to look up for inspiration.

  • Learn basic theory about fashion

If you think fashion is purely based on instincts. My friend, you are wrong. Of course, to develop a style you must follow things you like but there are some basics and fundamentals of fashion which will be beneficial for you to learn. The Internet has made our work a lot easier. You can just google whatever you can think of. There are magazines, fashion journals, and books to learn more about it. Important concepts like colour theories, colour combinations, body types, tones and textures all must be read and understood before you apply these to yourself. There are times when you see something that interests you. Go and search and see various options that come up. Any basic word will give you thousands of search results. Just type jackets for men and research various outfit ideas before you finalise one. 

  • Improvise your current wardrobe 

It is time to clean your wardrobe and segregate them according to how often you wear them. This will help you know what you already have and not waste extra money to buy new clothes. Another benefit is that you’ll feel more comfortable in your clothes even when styled differently. You can accessorize basic outfits and glam them up. Some people have jeans and basic t-shirts as their go-to outfit. You don’t have to throw them away to become stylish. Instead, add some pieces of jewellery or bags or hats to enhance that basic outfit. It is not necessary that you have to wear expensive dresses or trendy outfits every day. Create a personal style that you can carry every day.

  • Add some accessories

An outfit is incomplete without accessories. It is not a 10/10 look until you team it up with accessories. Now I am not asking you to load yourself with heavy jewellery pieces. Fashion accessories comprise jewellery, bags, scarves, hats, watches, hair accessories, sunglasses and more. Add a nice watch and RB3683 Aviators by Ray-Ban to your basic white t-shirt and blue denim outfit to have an Instagram perfect outfit look. There are many kinds of bags available in the market. If you carry a lot of stuff with you, bags should be an accessory you must incorporate into your style. Hats and scarves are other useful accessories. They not only make you look stylish but also protects you from the sun during summers.


Since you are here that means you have read all those essential points to keep in mind when creating a personal style. Style is not an overnight magic. It’s a skill and art that can be learned only through the trial and hit method. Try to mix things up. Staying in your comfort zone is not going to help you learn anything. You must go out and experiment to find your true style.