4 Steps How to Make Old Concrete Patio Look Better

Concrete is a versatile and durable material that makes it ideal for any outdoor and exterior floors and driveways. This is why concrete driveways Seattle are becoming a popular option not only to homeowners but entrepreneurs as well.

Concrete patios are known for being durable and can last for a very long time. Although it can last for ages, concrete patios, like any other exterior floors, is not an exemption from corrosion due to the effects of weather and age. But worry not! Here are some steps on how to make your old concrete patio look good as new. 

Steps to Improve Old Concrete Patio

  1. Wash Wash Wash

Just like any other outdoor resurfacing, it is essential to wash thoroughly before applying any floor coating. It is recommended to use some cleaning solution, brush, and water to remove every last bit of dirt and old paint from the existing concrete. Repeat this process as much as needed. Although this step may seem tedious, unexciting, and repetitive, trust me, this part is important, and the result will be worth it.

  2. Fill the Gaps

After the deep and thorough washing, you will see visible cracks in your old concrete floors. You can use an epoxy type filler to fill in the cracks in your old concrete. Doing this is essential because applying paint or any other floor coating would be a lot easier, giving you a cleaner, more refined finish.

  3. The Primer

After thoroughly washing the concrete and filling the visible cracks, the next step is applying the primer. The priming step is needed to be done correctly and adequately to ensure a better finish. Primers are usually stickier and thicker, giving you a watered-down glue texture, so this step needs extra care and attention to accomplish. 

You can brush the primer onto the concrete floor edges and apply the primer to the rest of the concrete using a paint roller. It usually takes twenty-four to forty-eight hours to dry and be ready for the next coat.

  4. Applying the Next Coat

After applying the primer and thoroughly drying it out, the next step, probably the most exciting part, is applying the second coat of paint onto your concrete floor. There are no limits on how and what designs to use. You can as well choose from a variety of colors and shades of paint to create the most unique and exciting patterns you can think of. You can personalize your designs and let your imagination let loose!

Here are some steps to follow to give your old existing concrete floor a better and greater look! Aside from the actions stated above, here are some other decorative ideas you might want to consider.

Other Fun Decorative Ideas

  1. Lay Decking

Lay decking on your concrete floor is another fun way of giving it a blast! Begin by leveling the concrete and planning on how to install your deck boards. You can attach a white fascia board on the sides to warm up your outdoor patio as a final touch.

  2. Pavers

You can also use pavers to add some curves and extra detail to your concrete patio. For example, creating a fireplace by making a half circle to one side. Or create unique patterns such as circular patterns to give your patio a rustic look.

  3. Outdoor Rugs

One of the easiest ideas to give your concrete patio a fresher look is to put on a large and extravagant outdoor rug. With this, eyes turn to focus on the carpet, and the old concrete background would disappear. Adding a piece of furniture like a simple coffee table over the rug would also help.

In Conclusion

Giving your old concrete patio a makeover gives your overall household a fabulous look. Although some do-it-yourself ideas may give your patio a twist, having a skilled professional do the work is something you might want to consider. Not only would it be safer, but it also saves you a lot of time and energy from doing all the work, allowing you to spend more time on other essentials.