4 Mobile Applications For Time Management And Planning

When you have to combine study, work, additional projects, meetings, trips, and a whole list of personal affairs – it is impossible to keep everything in mind. The ability to organize time has become very important for people who want to adapt to today’s fast-paced life. Writing everything down in a notebook is, of course, good, but you can’t take it with you everywhere. 

But keeping everything on the phone, you are unlikely to forget to buy milk or complete your assignment because the task is always with you, and reminders of them too. Mobile applications have already done everything instead of you – all you have to do is write it down! We have tested the most popular planning applications for smartphones and chose the top 4 for the daily life of a productive student.


This application has become the undisputed leader of the list because everything just seems perfect there: interface, design, and feature set. Microsoft once liked Wunderlist so much that they bought the whole company that developed it. And we are not even surprised! 

Here you can create your own lists and tasks inside of them. You mark a task as already completed with just one click. Notes and files of various formats can be added to the lists. 

In case you have to do a team project with your fellow students, there are all the conditions for this in the app. With the help of e-mail, you add people to the created list. It allows you to chat and download all the necessary materials, delegate tasks to certain team members, set deadlines and reminders. But, in the case, for some reason, you have missed an important deadline, for example, for completing an essay, we recommend you use the Top Study Writer service.

Wunderlist is free, but it also has a paid version. But its benefits aren’t very significant: unlimited file sizes, members, and colored backgrounds for lists.


Trello is an extremely simple, convenient, and enjoyable application. It is very comfortable to run joint projects, so students, keep this in mind. Here everything is organized not in the form of lists but in the format of boards. You can add photos and videos, and they will be shown immediately when viewed in public. 

The application has a great visualization – it is not only convenient but also fun to work in: choose colors for tasks and lists, add graphics and other files, communicate with the team. The main advantage of Trello is that you see all the cards (respectively, all running projects) at the same time and in a certain state of execution. This allows you to see the project without opening all the lists and folders separately.

Also, all tasks can be delegated, labeled. So, again, if you need to complete a group project with other students, Trello is a match for you. 

The only time the application can be inconvenient is if you have a lot of projects at the same time: work, study, and personal. Then the functionality of one board will not be enough for the project, and the overall picture will be scattered and unclear.


Minimalist design but wide and interesting functionality have made this application one of the most popular for personal time management. The most attractive thing here is that you can view your plans in two formats: lists and calendars. The app syncs with your Google Calendar, and you can conveniently move task icons and set performance times, then view the overall picture for the day, week, and month.

 And yet, you will be fascinated by the process of marking completed tasks: you cross them out by swiping, like a pen in a notebook. When creating a new item, you can choose between a task and an event. Events are automatically added to the calendar; you can also invite other users to them by mail. Another nice bonus is that you can add a location to each task. 

The application is free, but the paid version is also ais available, which combines an unlimited number of people in a team and the ability to add files without limits.


The app positions itself as a manager for both personal and work tasks. So, if you have already graduated and just got a new job position, it might be very useful for you. The main feature of MeisterTask is a time tracker that allows you to see how long you have been working on a particular project. This feature is not available in other listed applications, and it allows you to analyze how you allocate time.

The concept of planning here is similar to Trello: cards with lists. But in addition to the usual tags, you can set tasks by priority. All basic functions such as file attachment, chat format, delegation, and adding other team members are also present. In addition, the application will please you with its interface.

Choose the Best Option!

What are you waiting for? Try the mentioned above apps and choose the best option that will work for you. Whichever application you will choose for time management, you will definitely become more productive and organized in everything you do.