3 ways to increase your pub’s footfall in 2022

When you own a pub, it seems like there’s a never-ending list of things to consider – ranging from which lagers and ales to serve on tap to which pub insurance will protect you best. 

But no point of order is quite so important as that of getting customers. After all, how will you keep your pub running with nobody visiting it?

This is one of the main reasons that pubs go out of business and, unfortunately, that’s alarmingly common. In fact, data released by Statista shows the number of UK pubs has decreased by almost one-quarter over the past decade.

So, you want to create a steady stream of patrons visiting your pub. But how can you do this in today’s age? We’ve written this short article with that question in mind. Below, we’ll be giving you our best three ways to increase your pub’s footfall in 2022.

1. Use social media

Despite the rise of social media over the past decade, many pubs are still hesitant to create a presence online. But this is a big mistake. For reference, research shows that more than 80 per cent of the UK population uses social media. If your pub isn’t leveraging this fact to generate traffic, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

The most important thing is to post consistently. You can build an initial following by telling your existing customers to follow your pages when they come to the bar. Then you’ll start to reach new audiences through retweets, shares and comments. 

2. Focus on customer feedback

Having a good time is one of the most important factors in your pub’s footfall. This is especially true in the digital age in which most people turn to online reviews before they do anything new.

However, you can turn this same knee-jerk reaction to your pub’s advantage. Set up an official business page on Trustpilot or a similar customer review platform. If you get nothing but glowing reviews, so much the better. 

Yet, complaints are just as good – they’re a great way of discovering the gap in your process. If you notice multiple comments around the same issue, it’s a clear sign that it’s creating friction in the customer journey and something you need to address.

3. Run promotions

Nothing draws people in like a cracking deal. A 2-for-1 or happy hour is a sure way to draw in the local drinkers and get the edge over your competition. Alternatively, you can pair up food and drink into a single deal. Whatever promotion you decide to run, you’re sure to give passers-by the perfect excuse to visit your pub.

Is your pub implementing these traffic tactics?