3 German Delivery Services That Are High-rated

Ordering the item you like online with subsequent courier delivery – this is what the perfect shopping trip for a busy person looks like. It is an additional plus if you can track all your orders in the same place with a service like PKGE.net with available GLS and DHL tracking. It is not surprising that delivery services are becoming lifesavers for many busy people.

German companies are traditionally considered champions in accuracy and punctuality. However, customers always find a reason to complain about couriers. To make an objective choice, it makes sense to rely on the assessments of consumer test experts. The German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) has compiled a rating of German delivery services based on user ratings. The five largest companies in this field were tested, which are also involved in sending packages and parcels outside the country.


In the review table, this service earned an overall “good” review and an overall score of 76.4 out of 100. Institute staff who conducted the test note that of all companies, DHL has the best level of service at relatively low prices. For example, a package weighing up to 2 kg within Germany can be sent here for a maximum of 5 euros, and up to 5 kg – for 6–7 (depending on whether you place an order online or at a branch).

The shipping price is also regulated by size XS – with a packaging side up to 35 cm (this can be sent in general for 3.79 euros), S – up to 50 cm (4.5 euros), M – up to 70 cm (4.99 euros), L – up to 90 cm XL – up to 3 m. The cost of the last two categories depends on the combination of size and weight. The company’s website is simple and informative. It is especially worth noting that the information is also available in English, which is convenient for those who do not speak German well enough. Technical support also responds to emails quickly – within a day.


GLS scored 75.8 points and also earned a “good” rating. This company decided to take the quality of the work of the hotline. DISQ experts noted not only the speed of responses but also the competence of employees. The next unconditional plus is the lowest price for self-service packaging among all the participants in the review. Fast delivery was also recorded among the positive points: the average minimum time was about one and a half days. The website was also called clear and informative.

At GLS, the price of packages and parcels is calculated first by size. For example, you can send XS within Germany for 3.99 euros, S – for 4.59, M – 6.69, L – for 10.89, and XL – for 16.99.


With a score of 72.3 points. According to testers, this service was pleased with the lowest prices.

Here they also depend on the size of the box:

  • XS – 3.90 euros per shipment;
  • S – 4.20;
  • M – 6.60;
  • L – 10.5;
  • XL – 15.3.

As you can see, prices differ from the previous participant by an amount ranging from 9 cents to 1.69 euros.

Of the weaknesses, technical support is noted – both by phone and by e-mail (the latter was recognized by experts as very, very slow). As for the site, in the opinion of the average consumer, it is convenient if you need to read about shipping methods or find the right branch. When it comes to prices, there are delays. So, information about them is not publicly available on the site – they must be requested through an electronic form (it turns out a vicious circle).

Hermes (61.2) and UPS (59.1) close the list – they were recognized as satisfactory. The first ones pleased the testers with the quality of customer support, but they were not satisfied with the speed and quality of delivery. Of course, none of the participants in the experiment got into the story with a smartphone in a dumpster, in which Hermes excelled in March 2018. As for UPS, they named delivery times and email support as their strengths. But the hotline was rated low, as was the placement of information on the site.

Service quality was determined by DISQ researchers using test phone and email orders, detailed website reviews, and national and international shipping price analysis. In total, employees made 305 such contacts with delivery companies.