These 28 Brilliant Food Hacks Will Take Your Kitchen Skills To The Next Level

Cut down your prep time, save food from spoiling, and become an overall kitchen genius with these 28 brilliant food hacks.

1. Store natural nut butters upside down

Storing it upside down makes it easier for you to stir the nut butter and then spread… and then eat lots and lots of it.

food hacks - butter

via The Kitchn

2. Use dental floss to cut cakes and doughs

Cutting through cakes and doughs with a knife often mangle your dessert and that’s hours of baking down the drain. The solution? Cut them with dental floss.

food hacks - cut cakes dental floss

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3. Freeze cool whip in cookie cutters

Make a cute addition to your hot chocolate by freezing cool whip in cookie cutters. Pop it out and drop it in your hot choco. Dare I say, adorable?

food hacks - freeze cool whip

via The Sweetest Occasion

4. Make fries with an apple slicer

What else can you do with an apple slicer? Fries, that’s what. Speed up your french fry prep by cutting potatoes with an apple slicer. Hey, you can even make wedges!

food hacks - fries apple slicer

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5. Grill fish on a bed of lemons

Prevent your fish from sticking to the grill by placing fish fillet on a bed of lemons.

food hacks - grilled fish - lemons

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6. Keep your cake moist with bread slices

After cutting into a cake, cover the exposed portion with a piece of bread using toothpicks. This will keep the cake nice and soft.

food hacks - keep cake moist

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7. Turn a mason jar into a salt dispenser

Replace your mason jar lid with the top of a Morton salt dispenser and you’ve got yourself a fancy and functional kitchen piece. You can also use it to store and dispense pepper, sugar, and other seasoning.

food hacks - mason jars

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8. Nutella hot chocolate

Save every precious drop of your nutella by simply pouring in warm milk into the dregs of the jar and voila – you’ve got yourself a Nutella hot chocolate and happiness… especially happiness.

food hacks - nutella

via Pop Sugar

9. Peel ginger with a spoon

Never waste ginger again by simply peeling it with a spoon.

food hacks - peel ginger with spoon

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10. Make your own taco shells

Do you have a craving for hard tacos but no shells? Well, all you need are tortillas and an oven. Simply hang the tortillas on your oven rack and heat at 375 degrees for 7-10 minutes.

food hacks - taco shells

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11. How cut mango cubes

In quick and super easy steps…

food hacks - cut mango

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12. Make hash browns with your waffle iron

Credit: Jan Brandvold

13. Make frozen herb butter

Fresh herbs go bad so quickly. So here’s a neat trick on how you can make them last longer. Chop and mix fresh herbs with melted butter, then pour the mixture into ice cube trays. This will preserve portions for future meals.

food hacks - make frozen herb butter

via Seeds Now

14. Oil up your eggs

That sounds a little dirty, yes, but get your mind out of the gutter and follow these easy steps. Rub the egg shells with vegetable oil. After, refrigerate the eggs to keep them fresh for an additional three to four weeks.

food hacks - oil eggs

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15. Make creative pancakes with cookie cutters

With cookie cutters, you can make your pancakes in any shape you like. Your kids will definitely love these.

food hacks - sugar - creative pancakes with cookie cutters

via DIY and Crafts

16. Make heart-shaped eggs

Use a chopstick or pencil and rubber bands to make a heart-shaped boiled egg. This is too cute to eat.

food hacks - sugar - heart shaped eggs

via Bariatric Cooking

17. Keep avocados fresh with onions

Store a cut avocado with onion to keep it fresh for longer. But who doesn’t eat the whole avocado at once anyway?

food hacks - sugar - keep avocados fresh

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18. Keep brown sugar soft with marshmallows

Put a marshmallow in your brown sugar so it won’t clump or dry out.

food hacks - sugar - marshmallows

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19. Easily peel off egg shells with wet fingers

food hacks - sugar - remove egg shells with wet fingers

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20. Wrap banana crowns in plastic

Wrap banana crowns in plastic wrap and they will last three to four days longer.

food hacks - sugar - wrap banana crowns

Jill Conveyrs

21. Keep cookies moist with an apple

Put an apple slice with your cookies to keep them moist. A slice of bread works, too.

food hacks -  apples keep cookies fresh

via DIY and Crafts

22. Use foil to keep your celery fresh

Wrap the celery in foil to keep it fresh for up to a month!

food hacks -  celery foil

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23. How to put together a great cheese plate

food hacks -  cheese plate

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24. Cut corn off the cub with a bundt pan

A quick and easy trick to cutting corn off the cob is by using a bundt pan to both hold the cob as you cut and catch the corn that comes off.

food hacks -  corn off cob

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25. Use a funnel to pit cherries

food hacks -  how to pit cherries

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26. Turn lemon slices into ice cubes

Freeze lemon slices in muffin tins to make cubes you can pop in the pitcher without watering it down.

food hacks -  lemons slices ice cubes

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27. Keep your drinks bug-free with cupcake liners

Putting cupcake liners over your drinks and stick a straw through to keep bugs away.

food hacks - bug free drinks

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28. Store onions and garlic in holey bags to keep them fresh

Punctured paper bags will keep your onions and garlice fresh without molding.

food hacks - onions in holey bags

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