23 Stunning Streets Around The World Beautifully Decorated By Trees And Flowers

It’s a refreshing sight to see urban environments decorated by trees and flowers. Aside from their beauty, we can’t deny the many advantages of plants to our environment and to us. Many of us would love to ditch our cars, and would rather take a walk or ride a bike to better enjoy the view.

That said, here are 23 streets from around the world hugged and lined beautifully by trees and flowers.

1. Washington DC, USA

beautiful streets - washington dc

photo: Paul Frederiksen │ via BoredPanda

2. Oak Alley, Vacherie, Usa

beautiful streets - oak alley usa

photo: s adams │ via BoredPanda

3. Nafplio, Peloponnese, Greece

beautiful streets - nafplio greece

photo: Wilson Lu │ via BoredPanda

4. Orton Plantation Driveway, North Carolina, USA

beautiful streets - orton plantation driveway north carolina

photo: Mia of Sky people │ via BoredPanda

5. Stockholm, Sweden

beautiful streets - stockhom sweden

photo: Hector Melo │ via BoredPanda

6. Brussels, Belgium

beautiful streets - brussels belgium

photo: architectura.tumblr.com │ via BoredPanda


7. Tunnel Of Love, Romania, Caras-severin

beautiful streets - tunnel of love romania

photo: Andreea Vintila Kostova │ via BoredPanda

8. Positano, Italy

beautiful streets - positano italy

photo: Agnes Alsua │ via BoredPanda

9. Jerez, Spain

beautiful streets - jerez spain

photo: Aidan McRae Thomson │ via BoredPanda

10. Savannah, Georgia, USA

beautiful streets - savannah georgia

photo: kaiti lane │ via BoredPanda

11. Kaluszyn, Poland

Fall coming

photo: Piotr Tymiński │ via BoredPanda

12. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

beautiful streets - wisteria tunnel japan

photo: Andreea Vintila Kostova │ via BoredPanda

13. Brisbane, Australia

beautiful streets - brisbane australia

photo: Tamara Turcan │ via BoredPanda

14. Milton Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe


photo: jez bennett │ via BoredPanda

15. Bamboo Forest, Sagano, Japan

The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow

photo: Andreea Vintila Kostova │ via BoredPanda

16. Bonn, Germany

beautiful streets - bonn germany

photo: Adas Meliauskas │ via BoredPanda

17. Cullinan, South Africa

beautiful streets - cullinan south africa

photo: Elizabeth Kendall │ via BoredPanda

18. Valencia, Spain

beautiful streets - valencia spain

photo: visitheworld.tumblr.com │ via BoredPanda

19. New South Wales, Australia

beautiful streets - new south wales australia

photo: Jo Hitchin │ via BoredPanda

20. Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece

beautiful streets - molyvos greece

photo: Jay21310 │ via BoredPanda

21. Near Kano River In Kyoto, Japan

beautiful streets - near kano river kyoto japan

photo: jefwod │ via BoredPanda

22. Spello, Italy

spello italy

photo: Nicoletta │ via BoredPanda

23. Taiwan


photo: Sue Hsu │ via BoredPanda

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