2016 Ford F150 Battery Battery Size and Price Guide

Keep your truck powering down the road with a new 2016 Ford F150 battery. Don’t wait until your vehicle isn’t starting or your battery starts leaking acid, but follow these tips to find out when it’s time to replace this component, what size you need and how much you can expect to pay for a highly rated part.

Price and Size Guide for Ford F150 Batteries

Expect to pay between $80 and $325 for a brand-new 2016 Ford truck battery. Don’t settle for the first battery you see, but compare warranty lengths, customer reviews and other features to find the best balance of affordable and reliable maintenance components.

It’s important to choose the right battery for your truck. Different car battery sizes offer different levels of cranking amps and cold cranking amps. A small battery won’t turn over your starter, and a large one may not fit in your truck battery area.

Free AutoZone Battery Testing

How do you know when it’s time to replace a Ford F150 battery? It’s important to examine your battery and look for signs of wear or damage. There is, however, an easier way. Drive to a nearby AutoZone store location for free battery testing services.

This service uses a reliable battery testing device to see if your battery is fully charged and capable of holding a charge. Receive a warning when your battery is reaching the end of its life or confirm that a dead battery needs to be replaced, not recharged.

Tips For When Examining Your Battery

Take a look at your battery to look for other signs that it’s time for a replacement task. When examining your battery, be sure to wear proper safety gear. Goggles and gloves keep you safe if your battery sparks or has an acid leak.

Start by turning your truck off and waiting for it to cool. The engine compartment can become very hot during normal use, so wait until it’s cooled down before opening the hood and finding your truck battery.

Don’t touch the positive cable or terminal while the negative cable is attached to your battery. This is why many vehicles have a plastic cover shielding this terminal.

Signs You Need a New Battery

If you don’t promptly replace your battery, it may fail unexpectedly. Examine your battery for these signs it may be damaged or worn out:

– Leaking acid

– Swollen case

– Excessive corrosion

– Difficulty starting your engine

– Sulfuric smell

– Battery is over three years old

Prepare for a replacement as soon as you see one or more of these signs. You don’t need to wait for a battery test to decide to replace a cracked or leaking battery. Some corrosion can be cleaned off, but excessive corrosion is a sign of a battery reaching the end of its life.

Where To Find a Reliable Ford Truck Battery

Head to a trusted auto parts location near you for free battery testing and affordable rates on a replacement. For even more convenient shopping, check out an online store that offers name-brand batteries, helpful guides and customer reviews. Maintain your truck the right way by combining expert advice and highly rated maintenance components.