Construction Work Led to Unearthing Of Incredible 1700-Year-Old Mosaic Masterpiece

Israel’s Antiquities Authority released news of the discovery of a massive 1,700 year-old Roman mosaic in the central Israeli city of Lod. The ancient masterpiece was unearthed during a construction project of a visitor center intended to house the Lod Mosaic that was first discovered in the same site two decades ago.

lod mosaic 2

©Nir Elias / Reuters

The newly revealed mosaic measures 36 feet by 42 feet. The ancient artwork depicts scenes of hunting, animals, birds, and fish.

lod mosaic 3


The colorful and detailed mosaic was part of a courtyard of a villa dated some 1,700 years ago, in Lod, south to Tel Aviv. According to excavation director Amir Gorzalczany, “The villa was part of a neighborhood of affluent houses that stood here during the Roman and Byzantine periods”.

lod mosaic 1

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The colored stonework remained incredibly protected for centuries, thus revealing the most impressive artistic talent of ancient artists. Archaeologists claim there might be more of the complex hidden underneath the city streets so there’s a great possibility of new discoveries in the future.

Here are more photos of this amazing find. Enjoy!

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