11 Exciting Websites for Students to Learn in Spare Time

Yes, we know, it might be far-fetched even to assume that students have spare time these days.

Between classes, assignments, extracurriculars, and having a personal life, you can count yourself lucky if you have some free time to allocate for more studying.

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But what if we told you that these educational platforms could, in fact, make studying more fun and manageable?

Take a look at this list of innovative and exciting websites for students, and you might soon find yourself changing your learning strategies.

1. Studyfy

Which part of the scientists do you dislike most? Most likely, it will be a bunch of homework and essays.

Now, with the help of https://studyfy.com/, you can access any information that will be useful to students.

The platform offers essay writing and editing support for students across all educational levels.

There are also writing guides you can refer to if you need more guidance. Studyfy is also evolving to accommodate more services such as homework help and include more essay samples for students.

In the future, the website will evolve into a one-stop-shop for all your homework questions. 

2. Udacity

Targeting primarily college students, Udacity has come up with numerous learning solutions that cater to diverse academic and professional fields.

Whether you are hoping to complement your studies with certification or learn a subject to curb your curiosity, Udacity will have interesting courses for you.

The website aims to help you gain employable skills through project-based learning.

You can also take these courses in flexible intervals that can be matched to your student schedules.

3. Docsity

Want to find notes and study materials from other students? Docsity can help you connect to fellows from all parts of the world.

The website serves as an ecosystem where you can upload and download documents on a variety of subjects.

There is also a forum where you can post questions and receive answers from students.

Every time you share or engage on the platform, you receive points that can be used to download more documents.

The documents are categorized and organized to find resources for thesis support, exams preparation, exercises, study notes, and more.

4. KeepNotes

KeepNotes makes it easy for students to organize their study materials and access them anytime, anywhere.

The site also provides a unique opportunity for students to earn money just by uploading their notes.

KeepNotes has a great library of study materials that are well-organized, making it easy for students to find what they are looking for without taking the time to make their own notes. However, you can share your notes and therefore access top materials without extra costs.

5. Bartleby

Bartleby is another attractive website you can use to consult regarding your questions.

Currently, the platform offers expert support for subjects, including Maths, Science, Social Science, Engineering, Business, and Language.

Users can post questions to receive step-by-step solutions based on textbooks.

If you have any troublesome homework, you can also receive detailed answers from the experts.

These solutions are also available as a searchable database so anybody can access them.

The best part is that help is available 24/7, whether you are an early bird or a night owl struggling to finish your homework.

6. Stanford Engineering Everywhere

SEE is a means for students to access the masterminds at Stanford for free. The open-source web pages are a means for the school to translate their technology to a broad audience.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Stanford student or not; you can take advantage of these courses if you are interested in engineering programs.

The course portfolio covers artificial intelligence, linear systems, and computer science. 

A majority of these courses are taken by Stanford graduate students as well. You can also access full course materials such as handouts, homework, syllabi, and exam questions.

7. HackDesign

Those who are even remotely interested in design will find HackDesign an incredibly useful educational tool.

The platform features curated courses from the world’s top designers in all areas of the design industry.

It will help you conquer the techniques, work with the latest tools, and understand design terminology.

The lessons are also interactive, meaning you can engage with them through games and puzzles.

Users can also analyze their progress and discover new design tools through the platform.

8. Internet Public Library

This online public platform can certainly be considered as the digital counterpart of your favorite library.

The Internet Public Library website offers a reference service that gives you access to all kinds of reading materials.

At the moment, they are focused on essays that amount to a collection of over 500,000 papers from multiple academic niches.

There are also other student resources that will help you find online learning programs to acquire a degree.

9. Open Yale Courses

If you want to witness the brilliance of Yale’s esteemed professors unfold in their classrooms, check out this site.

Similar to SEE, Open Yale Courses has set up this website to offer free access to classroom lectures and other study materials.

However, unlike Stanford, here, you can access a selection of introductory courses to a wide array of courses.

You can browse lecturers and classes and stream them via YouTube or iTunes. The audios are also available in audio and text transcript formats if needed.

10. SitePoint

Students keen to study and advance their knowledge in coding will find SitePoint a reliable platform for learning resources.

You can find dedicated courses on JSS, HTML, Python, PHP, UX, WordPress, and more.

There are also courses that appeal to all levels of students, from beginners to professionals. 

SitePoint also has an in-built community that lets you connect with fellow learners and programmers as well.

As a student, you can build a network and find opportunities for jobs through the platform.

11. Better Explained

Are you having a tough time with mathematics? Better Explained can help you thoroughly understand math.

The website is the brainchild of Kalid Azad, who took the initiative to explain mathematical concepts as he would have liked to learn them.

The approaches are simple yet effective to help you retain the complex concepts in your memory.

Students of all academic levels can find resources on this site. You can also ask Khalid to post a topic that you would like to see on the site.

Are you eager to check out these websites yet? They present an alternate means to learn new things unconventionally.

With these websites, knowledge is always at your fingertips.