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Medical Staff Show Their Funny, Creative Side Through These 10 Hospital Christmas Decorations

Whoever said that the awesome folks in the health care sector don't know how to "jolly" it up for Christmas clearly haven't seen these hospital Christmas decorations yet.


Effective Moving Tips for Packing Like a Pro

If you are looking for efficient methods to organize your relocation, we provide you below our best recommendations on how to preserve peace of mind while moving.

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Retired Art Teacher Built This Cute Cob House For Only $250!

His adorable home can be found in Oxfordshire, England, right in the garden of Mr. Michael Buck, a 59-year-old retired teacher who built it with his own hands for only $250 (£150). Impressed? Wait until you read the whole...


12 Coolest And Most Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Sleep is for kids as Monday is for adults – they don’t want it. Take it from Asia Citro of Fun at Home whose mission is to create a fun and educational environment for her children at home when she realized her kids didn’t...


If You Have a Zip Tie, You Can Pop Open Just About Any Cheap Lock — Scary

After watching these videos, you will want to throw out those cheap locks and invest on better locks. Seriously, those simple locks really aren't that safe, apparently. All it takes to open them?


35 Amazing Tips Every Dog Lover Needs To Know

Make life with dogs easier with these nifty life hacks for dog lovers.

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