12 Pictures That Reveal The Strange, Fascinating Beauty of Mars

Thanks to today’s technology, scientists now have more ways to explore, analyze, and understand the mysteries surrounding the red planet. Mars, named after the Roman god of war, may be the second smallest planet in the solar system, but it’s beautiful yet baffling nature provides us with constant surprises and more questions. Our curiosity continues to grow and luckily, the brilliant people who are charged to find the answers don’t pause to wonder.

Check out these 12 fascinating photographs of Mars guaranteed to leave you awed. Enjoy!

1. Earth, as seen from Mars


2. New evidence that liquid water flows on today’s Mars
“This undated photo provided by NASA and taken by an instrument aboard the agency’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows dark, narrow, 100-meter-long streaks on the surface of Mars that scientists believe were caused by flowing streams of salty water.”


3. Water ice in crater

Gallery Hip

4. Layered craters


5. Mineral deposits


6. Storm clouds over the red planet



Universe Today

8. Craters of dry ice


9. Mars’ South Pole

Extreme Tech

10. Dust devil in action


11. Layered dunes

Daily Mail

12. Mariner Valley


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