Leverage the benefits of Office 365 with personalized training

Many companies have decided to make the jump to Office 365. Microsoft Suite not only helps in improving the productivity of teams but also helps to overcome the challenges related to costs.

However, do not migrate to these tools believing that your employees can master them immediately just by using them! To make use of Exchange 2010 to Office 365 migration to its full potential, it is very much important to understand all of its features and how to use all of them properly.

Office 365 offers many different tools. The popular messaging service tool like Outlook and content generation and data storage software such as Microsoft Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneDrive, is constantly growing.

Tools like OneDrive and SharePoint Online, for example, both facilitate document sharing and collaboration, but their applications differ considerably.

To ensure that all your employees are adapting to Microsoft Suite, we strongly recommend you consider training tailored to their specific needs. It will improve your team sees things more precisely and decide which platforms are best suited to their tasks and responsibilities.

Advantages in Training your Employees on Office 365

   Higher Efficiency

Even if we fail to provide training, employees will continue to work with the software they already use. However, they will waste a lot of time trying to understand the new tools they have never used before. 

Employees who have completed proper training will be highly benefited from the new features of Office 365. 

Some of them include

– One can store more data on the intranet.

– We can Share, edit documents, and can also track different changes

– We can limit the number of searches that are needed to find a document

– We can conduct videoconferences.

– We can keep track of all the important steps taken with a client, colleague, or a collaborator

– It allows telecommuting since everything can be accessed very easily on the hosted virtual desktop.

Excellent return on investment

Once we invest in Office 365, we automatically get all the tools mentioned above. Restraining your team particularly from emails or content creation software would be damaging.

The training, therefore, tries to maximize your investment by using all possible resources, which will increase the benefits and will support the achievement of your objectives.

Adjust to the requirements of your customers

Proper training allows your employees to be up to date with the different projects and needs of the company’s clients. 

So, before we maximize the benefits of Office 365, it is very much important to choose the right provider who has the expertise in Office 365 migration. After evaluating all the different factors, O365CloudExperts, will be the perfect choice for you. Over the past 15 years, they have successfully completed various migrations like Exchange to Office 365migration, Migrate SharePoint from one tenant to another and many more. They have Microsoft-certified Office 365 experts who can design a fail-proof migration plan with zero downtime or data loss.