Hilarious Pictures of Tipsy Elephants Drunk On Fermented Fruit

A photographer found a group of young elephants apparently drunk and disorderly. Ross Couper, the photographer, lost no time to capture the hilarious spectacle as the elephants stumbled around and fell over each other on...


35 Pictures Of Famous People In History Just Being Themselves

Really love it when famous people in history appear in pictures looking as silly as everybody else.


Miracle Teen Survives On His Own For Almost 8 Hours With No Wi-Fi

He has been hailed by many as ‘a miracle teenager’, a 17-year-old from Waterford teenager has reportedly survived in his home with no connection to the internet for almost eight (8) whole hours.


Hilarious Difference Between Mom and Dad’s Parenting Styles

When it comes to kids, there are things that dads can do better than moms. But some dads are pretty much just giant kids. You wouldn’t let giant kids watch your kids, would you?


25 Funniest Notes Ever Written to Thieves

You know the feeling – anger, frustration and the powerful impulse to let the thief know about your murderous thoughts. So you write the thief a note. These victims of theft did, and it’s hilarious. 1. Learn some...


When 35 Texts Go Absolutely Wrong, This Is What Happens

These are some of the funniest, best and the most cringeworthy autocorrect fails of all time. Enjoy!

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