The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your Furry Friend

A pet can be like a best friend. They’re cute, fun, completely unique—and they provide comfort when no one else can. So, it’s no wonder if you choose to take them on your adventures from time-to-time.


Dog Just Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued From A Shelter

Every day is best day ever!


How to Perform Heimlich Maneuver If Your Dog Is Choking

Knowing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver for dogs, is critical to saving lives because you may not have time to get to a vet and your dog could suffocate.


Wolf Sanctuary in Norway That Lets You Watch the Northern Lights While Cuddling With Wolves

Polar Park A wolf isn’t the kind of animal you’d fantasize about cuddling, or even let one anywhere near you. But in this incredible wolf sanctuary in Norway, that’s exactly what tourists and locals sign up for....


Watch Jaguar Stalking and Ambushing 150lb Caiman Crocodile from the River in Brazil

On a river island in Brazil, an eight-foot 150lb caiman was basking on a sand bank. On the other side of the river, a hungry jaguar slipped stealthily into the river, sneaked up behind the croc and attacked. Wildlife photographer...


Hilarious Pictures of Tipsy Elephants Drunk On Fermented Fruit

A photographer found a group of young elephants apparently drunk and disorderly. Ross Couper, the photographer, lost no time to capture the hilarious spectacle as the elephants stumbled around and fell over each other on...

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