20 Amazing Places to Watch the Sunset

One of the most wondrous things that nature can offer is a sunset. This marvelous event is more beautiful in some of the luckiest and most blessed places on earth.

Today, I make a promise to myself to do my best to at least see half of these 20 most amazing sunsets in the world.

1. Puglia, Italy

2. Scottish Highlands

3. Manila, Philippines

4. Mount Bromo, Indonesia

5. Grand Canyon

6. StongeHenge, England

7. Santorini

8. Serengeti, Tanzania

9. Grundarfjordur, Iceland

10. Amsterdam, Canals

11. Taj Mahal, India

12. Lake Annecy, French Alps

13. Barcelona

14. Ayers Rock, Australia

15. Sahara Desert

16. Great Pyramids, Egypt

17. Pfeiffer Beach, Cali

18. Matterhorn, Switzerland

19. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

20. Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

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