What casino movies do we like to watch?

The possibility of winning a substantial amount of money in one moment has always excited and attracted people, even though you have to put your cash on the line first. That’s part of the allure of card and other casino games as a hobby. Such thrill that comes with the game also translates well onto the big screen as well.

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Despite the fact that playing cards, even professionally, has become so much popular and easily accessible to everybody with an internet connection, many still associate it with being high class.

That’s especially true at the most prestigious tournaments and the most luxurious establishments, with the two biggest entertainment centers in the U.S. being Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The enjoyable experience and the sense of mystery make up for an ideal movie setting, even if it is only an addition to something else.

A part of the image of the famous British agent James Bond, besides the shaken martinis, beautiful women by his side and dealings with bad guys in an extraordinary fashion, are his memorable casino scenes. However, movies dedicated to the subject of casino games over time have formed an interesting niche on their own.

To win big one has to have good fortune, but sometimes, the factor of intellect may make a difference. It takes a special person to pull it off, and they are what we want for an antagonist in a motion picture.

The viewers appreciate complex stories about intelligent people who make use of their brains to get somewhere in life, especially in an exciting and unusual way. Ever since the splendid Dustin Hoffman’s role in the “Rain Man,” many have considered the casino environment the perfect place to shine in that department.

We love to observe math geniuses at work, having figured out something that gives them the edge. Movie characters would often do just that, and blackjack is frequently the game to show their skills.

They could have a tremendous memory, be exceptional at counting cards or find out some secrets the house would prefer to keep hidden. Such brilliant players are present in famous titles like “The Rounders” and “21”.

There are stories, however, concentrated around the casinos that take a different turn, making for a background to an even more complex plot. A worthy example is the classic Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film “Casino” or the 1998 psychedelic “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

It’s even better if based on actual events like the film “Molly’s Game,” which is a story about a former Olympic skier who threw high-stakes poker games for celebrities.

Still, audiences never cease to appreciate a little more humoristic approach, for which we can turn to the light crime comedy series “Ocean’s” or even “The Hangover” films.

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