Three unusual nights out that are popular in the UK

We all love a night out. Pubs and clubs will always remain popular, but sometimes people are looking for something a bit different from their night out.

With that in mind, many venues are turning to alternative night ideas in the modern age, often with great success.

Here are a few examples of night types that have emerged in popularity in the UK in recent months and years.

Bingo nights

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Bingo has been popular for years, and in the modern age more people are playing it than ever.

Hundreds of online casino sites host bingo games online, and thousands of people play bingo in person every week at bingo halls around the world.

The emergence of popular bingo games with high-powered graphics has only served to increase its popularity in recent times.

We’ve established that a game of bingo can be a lot of fun, but we would not normally associate it with a night out.

That has all changed in the UK, with nights like Bongo’s Bingo putting an exciting twist on the beloved game.

Bongo’s events have been held in cities up and down the UK and are as much a club night as they are a bingo event.

Huge cash prizes are often on offer for attendees, with live music often blaring in the background.  

The company has held nights in far-flung venues like Ibiza, so perhaps the trend will go international soon?

Crazy golf

The wacky little brother of regular golf, crazy golf can be a lot of fun. The majority of crazy golf courses are located in holiday destinations and are aimed at the whole family, but a small range of altogether more vibrant crazy golf courses have opened in recent times.

Companies like Junkyard Golf have opened courses in major cities that are aimed at an adult audience.

High-tech and covered in neon lights, Junkyard courses serve alcohol and play music, and are primarily a nightlife destination.

Many people enjoy playing games or engaging in some kind of activity whilst they are socialising these days.

With that in mind, it is perhaps little surprise that crazy golf bars are so popular.

Video game tournaments

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Video games are as popular as ever, and many bars and pubs are choosing to cash in by hosting events and tournaments.

For instance, some bars have been hosting tournaments on retro games like Super Mario Kart, with retro games retaining a nostalgic feel for many of us.

Retro games aren’t for everyone though, and other venues have hosted tournaments on FIFA and other modern games, often charging an entry fee for each player that wishes to participate.

A beer and a game of Super Mario Kart or FIFA? Sounds perfect to us. It is little surprise that video game tournament nights are proving popular!

A night to look forward To

Plenty of us love a natter in a pub or a bar, but there is no harm in pushing the boundaries of what a night out can involve.

New and exciting night types are here to stay, and long may it continue.

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