Three of the Most Interesting Historical Characters Featured in Video and Slot Games

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As far as history is concerned, there are some stories you simply can’t make up.

As the old saying goes, truth is very often stranger than fiction, and some of the most vibrant characters who’ve ever lived seem like they must have stepped straight from the pages of a book.

Given their daring escapades and sometimes downright dastardly plots, they act as the perfect fodder for video and slot game heroes, heroines, and villains.

Unsurprisingly, considering this, content creators in these industries have frequently chosen to feature them in their releases.

Here are just three examples of real people who’ve made cameos on our computer screens, as well as a few facts about what it is that makes them so interesting.

Dante Alighieri

Those who have played Dante’s Inferno may also be familiar with the character of Dante Alighieri, who is based on the Italian poet of the same name.

While his fictional incarnation is a battle-hardened warrior, the real man was the creator of the most important poem of the Middle Ages: the famous Divine Comedy.

At the time, his work was revolutionary as it was written in ordinary Italian, as opposed to the more scholarly but less accessible Latin.

The real Dante is to Italian literature what Shakespeare is to the English language, making him an incredibly interesting figure even without any fictional embellishments.

He died in exile in 1321.


If you’ve ever frequented a gambling site like Betfair, you may have noticed that Cleopatra features in an awful lot of their titles.

For those who wish to play online casino games, her presence is largely inescapable, and a quick insight into her life will soon help to explain why the legendary Egyptian queen is so fun to animate.

The last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty, Cleopatra began her reign by disposing of her rivals (who also happened to be her siblings).

After taking both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony as lovers, she committed suicide following the fall of her kingdom.

Although her manner of death is not known for certain, legend has it that she allowed herself to be bitten by an asp as a final act of revenge against Rome and its emperor, Octavian.

Cesare Borgia

The illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI, Cesare Borgia has gone down in infamy. The inspiration behind Machiavelli’s The Prince and unwitting star of Assassin’s Creed, he essentially managed to carve out a kingdom for himself in Central Italy while acting as head of the Papal army.

One of the most feared men of his day, he was rumoured to have killed his own brother in order to usurp his position as condottieri, and also to have had an incestuous relationship with his sister, Lucrezia (which may or may not have resulted in the birth of a son).

After contracting syphilis, he died alone and far from home in 1507, having lost his position as one of the most powerful figures of the Italian Renaissance upon the ill-timed death of his father.

Tell us, are there any other historical characters that you’d like to see featured in video games?

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