This Guy Built a Modern Day Noah’s Ark and It’s Beyond Impressive

What this man just pulled off is beyond impressive.

A carpenter from the Netherlands named John Huibers has taken his carpentry skills and put them to the test, building an ark of biblical proportions. The idea came to him in a dream, and when he got to work everyone who saw him thought he was crazy. But when he finally finished the ark, everyone is completely amazed!

Meet the man who built a modern day Noah’s Ark. This man isn’t your ordinary carpenter, and this massive vessel is living proof.

It came to him in a dream and John made it his mission in life to create an exact replica of Noah’s Ark.


The ark can hold over 5,000 people! It is larger than a football stadium.


It took him three years to finish the ark!


John plans on setting sail for a 6,000-mile journey to share his ark and the story of Noah with the world.


Watch the video:

Watch the video for the Ark Of Noah Dimensions:

Credit:Ark Of Noah Dimensions from Ark of Noah Foundation on Vimeo.

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