The Latest Best Advice for Online Casino Games

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to play poker, enjoy a casual game of blackjack or spin the reels on a slot machine your choices were limited to a land-based casino or a clunky and hard to access online alternative.

Now, thanks to the phenomenal rate of technological growth in the gambling industry you can enjoy any of these activities from the comfort of your own sofa or even on the bus back from work.

Gambling has never been more accessible and easier to enjoy, just pick up your smartphone, open a casino app and you’re immersed in a world of thrills, spills and slot machine symbols.

Operating a fully regulated online casino costs a huge amount, it can be anything from $400k to $1 million, the majority of these costs are a result of the huge servers and broadband required, the security and anti-fraud systems, the personnel, the marketing and technical human resources, the games licensing or developing, and the operating costs.

Not everyone enjoys the ease and accessibility of an online casino though with many still preferring the traditional vibe of a land-based casino.

In this article we will examine the pros and cons of both with the aim of ultimately answering which is best, an online casino or a land-based casino?

Online Casino

Online casino games are sure to generate the same buzz as land-based games.

The Pros: It is hard to imagine a gambling landscape devoid of online casinos but up until the last two decades that was the reality.

The very first online casinos tentatively made their way onto the internet shortly before the millennium and to modern eyes would look incredibly primitive.

For the first ten or so years of their existence, online casinos operated as somewhat of a niche, reserved for dedicated gamblers who had an up-to-date PC and a great dial-up connection.

However, in the late noughties online casinos made their way into the mainstream as smartphones like the iPhone allowed users to easily access a range of websites from their mobile devices.

This is the key reason behind online casinos attracting a younger audience, while land-based casinos attract old generations who aren’t as tech-savvy.

This is where online casinos excel, they scream ease and accessibility and give their users the chance to gamble anywhere, anytime.

They are also relatively fuss free with most sign-ups taking no more than a couple of minutes to complete.

This fast-paced and consumable environment tends to suit the more casual type of gambler who likes to dip in and out of games.

Online slots are the biggest revenue drivers for online gambling companies and that is because they suit online players right down to the ground.

UK market leaders 888 online casino offer a huge selection, with varying themes and exclusive games making their site a great place to play online slots.

Slots can be picked up and enjoyed by novices and experienced hands alike and they offer an escape from the stresses of day-to-day life that most casual gamblers enjoy.

In many ways they sum up the main benefits and draws of online casinos in general.

An online casino has to abide by plenty of regulations in this day and age, making it the safer option for players.

Players can now set deposit limits and freeze their account if they wish. Similar measures are almost impossible to enforce at a land-based casino.

Slot machines are the main revenue driver for online casinos and can be found in abundance on any reputable site.

The Cons: There are numerous drawbacks associated to playing with an online casino but perhaps the biggest come in terms of competitive gameplay.

In tournament poker, online play can be more of a hindrance than a help.

At the top level of the game and in crunch moments, poker often comes down to psychology and bravado.

Whilst chat facilities may be good on most online casino sites, they are no substitute for real human interaction.

Reading a table and working out your opponent’s mood and confidence becomes increasingly difficult in an online poker room because of the lack of real human contact.

Despite advances in live streaming technology and other chat facilities, this absence of face to face interaction remains one of the main drawbacks of any online casino.

As previously mentioned, you are likely to encounter an older audience in a land-based casino, whether you think this will suit your approach to tournament play or not is up to you!

Land-based Casinos

Land-based casinos are often seen as more a social occasion.

The Pros: There isn’t really anything that can come close to emulating the exciting experience of stepping into a super casino for the first time.

The largest venues in the world have been designed with one thing in mind, wowing their customers as soon as they enter the building.

Casinos like The Bellagio and The Venetian in Las Vegas really nail that with their niche and luxurious designs that make a trip there more about the experience rather than the gambling itself, this is what makes them such an attractive investment for those buying casino stocks.

But while Vegas gets a lot of attention, Macau and Singapore casino stocks have risen rapidly over the past few years.

No matter how good online casinos go on to become, there is no way they can replicate the experience of setting foot in a super casino for the first time.

The Cons: Even the largest casinos in the world are hamstrung by space, in terms of how many gaming tables or terminals they can offer to their customers.

Your pre-planned night of poker fun at The Bellagio might be ruined by a corporate party flooding out all the available table spots.

Or you might not be able to play that new slot that you’ve heard about because there’s a queue of regulars playing it in shifts.

In short, land-based casinos just can’t match up to the range and variety on offer with their online counterparts.

You might not find this much of an issue if you frequent the world’s largest casinos on a regular basis, but if you’re a regular at a local then you’ll be well aware of how frustrating it can be when every machine or table you want to play on is packed out.

Summing Up: Which Is Best?

Ultimately it comes down to preference and your own individual needs. If you love the experience of walking through a crowded gambling hall then land-based venues are always going to be your first port of call.

However, if your gambling is all about quick gratification and an abundance of choice then the online variant is going to suit your playing style.

In the gambling industry it may all be about getting the upper hand over one another, but as consumer’s there’s no reason that we can’t enjoy both land-based and online casinos.

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