This Is What You See When A Photographer Takes The Same Photo From a Different Angle

Below are some of the world’s most famous landmarks. You’ve probably seen them already with all their beautiful, historical glory. But have you seen them in a different angle? Perhaps you have seen some, but not all.

Yet again, these magnificent pictures deserve a second look.

The Pyramids of Giza
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The Taj Mahal
da25da2da27The Meta Picture

The Arc de Triomphe
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Central Park, New York City
da13da2da15The Meta Picture

The Pantheon of Rome
da16da2da18The Meta Picture

The Forbidden City
da19da2da21The Meta Picture

Niagara Falls
da22da2da24The Meta Picture

The Brandenburg Gate
da28da2da30The Meta Picture

Mount Rushmore
da31da2da33The Meta Picture

Mont St. Michel in France
da34da36The Meta Picture

The Hollywood Sign
da37da2da39The Meta Picture

Sagrada Familia
da40da2da42The Meta Picture

St. Basil’s Cathedral
da43da2da45The Meta Picture

The Acropolis
da4da2da6The Meta Picture

Mona Lisa
da49da2da51The Meta Picture

Rock of Gibraltar
da52da2da53The Meta Picture

Little Mermaid
da54da2da55The Meta Picture

The Alamo
da56da2da57The Meta Picture

Las Vegas Strip
da58da2da59The Meta Picture

The Great Wall of China ends abruptly as it reaches the ocean
da60da2da61The Meta Picture

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