The Moment A Manta Ray Tangled In Fishing Line ‘Asks’ Divers for Help

A manta ray with a fishing line slicing through her wing approached a group of scuba divers in the Philippines. What one of the divers did next is something truly amazing. Watch the breathtaking video.

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What Would Happen to Your Body If You Didn’t Sleep?

Why is sleep so necessary? This video from TED-Ed perfectly explains the science behind sleep and we really, really need a good, deep shut eye every night. Watch! Credit: Youtube / TED-Ed


Rare Old Photos Of Motorcycle Chariot Racing (11 Pics)

Motorcycles were used to be called “iron steeds.” Riders of old took the cool name literally and organized adrenaline-pumping motorcycle chariot racing.


200-Year-Old Cabinet Shows The Incredible Genius of Furniture Makers in the Past (1750-1800)

King Frederick William II once owned this awesome cabinet, which you can now find on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Senior Dog Cries As She Saw Her Owner Leaves Her Behind And Walks Out With Young Dog

The poor dog saw her family leave with the other dog and she was left behind...


How People Get Contact Lenses In 1948

You'll have a whole new appreciation for technology after you see what people had to go through to wear contact lenses in 1948.

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