Stray Dogs Show Up at Funeral of This Woman Who’d Been Feeding Them For Years

This is the type of story that will have you speechless.


It Took 6 Years And 720,000 Attempts to Finally Get This Perfect Photo

This amazing shot of a diving kingfisher was six years and 720K photos in the making.


Beautiful Moment When a Horse Reunites With His Old Friends

Do horses remember each other and have emotions? You are about to find out in this video, and I have a feeling it will ll bring tears to your eyes.


Why Dogs Never Actually Die

If you've ever lost a loyal friend, you need to read this.


This Might Be The Most Astounding Photograph Of Our World We’ve Ever Seen

When you see stunning images of our planet from far away, the implications may not immediately be clear. But this one puts it all into perspective. Watch the amazing video and please share with your friends on Facebook. Credits:...


This Will Be The CUTEST FIRST DATE You Will Ever See

We can all relate to the anxiety of a first date. Butterflies in your stomach. The excitement of finally going on a date with someone really special to you. The man in this video will do everything for such a beautiful young...

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