20+ Famous People in the Past Who Were Once Homeless People

Homelessness can affect anyone. No one is immune. Just take a look at these famous people on this list. Before they rose to fame, these people were struggling hard to make ends meet. Some of them weren’t only poor,...


653-Pound Guy Trolled The Internet, Ended Up Losing 400 Pounds in Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Meet the incredible shrinking man Jesse Shand who loses 400 pounds with the help of internet strangers he once trolled. It started off as a joke. Jesse created a thread on Bodybuilding.com forum called “Ask the fattest...


Man With Cerebral Palsy Paints Masterpieces Using Only A Typewriter

WOW! No way!


When Asked for Advice on How to Deal with Grief, This Old Man Gave the Most Incredible Reply

From the depths of old internet comments comes this incredible gem of a story.


84-Year-Old Refused Million Dollars Offer, Forced Shopping Mall to Build Around Her House

In 2006, developers planning to construct a shopping mall in the Ballard neighborhood offered Edith Macefield one million dollar for her property. But she refused the seemingly impossible to deny offer because she did not...


‎Life Lessons from an 80-Year-Old Man Everyone Should Read This Time of the Year

With age comes great wisdom.

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