When You’re Having A Bad Day At Work… Read This Very Old Article

This funny newspaper article is a sure way to make you feel better about your job. Works like magic!


Brilliant Inventions in History that Look Funny Today

These inventions in the past had once inspired awe to the masses. Not so much today.


Kids Today Won’t Even Know What These Things Are For

It seems like it’s only yesterday. But technology is moving so fast. Like, really fast. Kids today won’t even understand what it was like using any of these things.


20+ Headlines in History That Should Never Have Been Written

How did anyone let this happen?


When Asked About ‘Hell’ in an Exam, Student Gave the Best Answer in History

Is Hell Exothermic (gives off heat) or Endothermic (absorbs heat)?


27 Crazy Photographers Who’d Do Anything For The Perfect Shot

These 27 photographers will do whatever it takes just to get the perfect shot. Who cares about safety as long as you can take the best shot, right? No? Well, let’s just see what these awesome (with a dash of crazy)...

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