30+ Actual Things Said On Church Bulletins

Churchgoers will see things differently after this.


Mr. Bean Painted Into Art History’s Greatest Portraits

People call him a caricature artist, but Rodney Pike calls himself a ‘Humorous Illustrator’ because that’s what he does and loves best — putting humor into his illustrations. “I make no statements...


She’s Asked to Lead the Audience in Prayer, But It Soon Took a Turn for the Hilarious

72-year-old Mary Maxwell was asked to give the Invocation at the Caregiver of the Year Dinner. It started off like a normal prayer, but it soon took a turn for the hilarious.


35 Most Hilarious YouTube Comments Ever

If you think YouTube’s only good for watching videos, think again. Whenever you’re on YouTube, keep an eye on the comments section. There you’ll find geniuses whose quick quips, puns, and awesome comebacks...


I Wish This Australian Guy Was My Neighbor… He’s A Riot!

Too funny...


25 Funniest Church Signs You Will Ever See

You think church signage can’t be funny or at least amusing? Well, that will change once you see this collection of brilliantly humorous church signs.

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