20 Creepiest Things to Whisper In Someone’s Ear When Hugging

How to win friends quickly… not.


They Set Up A Camera In A Remote Area In Greenland. What It Caught? Terrifying.

This is one of the most impressive and terrifying moments ever captured on camera. The video is an excerpt of the award-winning documentary called “Chasing Ice.” It shows the scary greenhouse effect happening in Greenland....


911 Dispatcher Takes Call From Woman Who Claims to be His Girlfriend, Then Realizes The Truth

A Georgia woman was kidnapped, taken to a parking lot and brutally assaulted. Then her attacker told her to do something bizarre, he forced her to call her boyfriend so that he could hear the sexual assault taking place over...


“A Story to Scare My Son” — A Creepy Story That Sends Chills Down My Spine

"Son, we need to have a chat aboit Internet Safety." I slowly crumpled down onto the floor next to him. His laptop was open and he was playing Minecraft on a public server. His eyes were locked into action, Comments scrolled...

Setenil de las Bodegas - FI

Spanish Town Built In The Strangest Place On Earth, When I Saw The Photos… Wow

Located beneath a giant rock with an average temperature of -54˚ F. Yet, somehow, humans have managed to live in this seemingly inhospitable place and convert it into a one-of-a-kind home, with around 3,000 residents. Sounds...


This Guy’s Facebook Inbox Has Everybody Terrified

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