20 Time-Tested Psychology Facts That Will Change the Way You See the World

The best thing about psychology is that it offers us meaningful perspective on how we see our world. Below are 20 of the most time-tested psychological facts that will help you to reach out and understand the people around...


33 Incredible Images That Put Everything Into Perspective

These awe-inspiring photos give us a different, mind-blowing and humbling perspective of our entire existence, reminding us of our utter insignificance in the greater scheme of things.   1. This is the Earth, where we...


It Took Scientists 125 Years to Really See What This Van Gogh Painting Really Is, And It’s AWESOME!

In 1889 Vincent van Gogh painted The Starry Night from the window of his asylum room, just before sunrise. For many years, millions of people have looked at it in awe and admiration, but not really seeing what scientists...


7 Most Evil Science Experiments Ever Conducted in History


The 17 Most Expensive Rarest Materials in the World

A few of these might surprise you.


The Evolution of Medicine from 400 BC to 2011

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