The Best Email Exchange Ever Between a Father and the School Chaplain

Funniest thing you'll read today.


Eight-Year-Old Boy Was Asked To ‘Explain God.’ Here’s How He Answered.

This story has been floating around the internet for a while, but it’s worth checking out again.


When This Atheist Tells The Girl “There Is No God,” He Went Silent When She Gave This Clever Response


Former Monk Spent 50 Years Building This Incredible Cathedral From Junk (18 Photos)

It’s a simple ex-monk’s act of faith and it’s truly awe-inspiring.


Professor Told His Christian Student His Faith Is Useless, But His Reply Left The Professor Speechless

He kept asking him question about god which he couldn’t answer. But what the student said in the end left the professor bereft of words.


If You’ve Faith and Nerves Of Titanium, These 5 Unbelievable Places of Worship Are For You. Wow.

Monasteries, being holy places where monks live and worship, are usually secluded and located in places far from the comforts of the modern world. While some keep reasonable distance from towns and cities, there are others...

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