Incredible Photos Of The Unbelievably Massive Cold War Russian Plane (36 Pictures)

In 1987, the first 350-ton Soviet battle missile carrier was produced. The massive "ship" was called Lun (also called Project 903), after the Russian name for a bird of prey, harrier.


5 Most Top Secret Military Locations in Recent History

We know these secret locations exist today, but do we know what really goes on behind the well-guarded gates? This is what we know so far. Mount Yamantau, Russia These unusual land formations are on the east side of Mt. Yamantau....


30+ Military Uniforms Worn By Soldiers During World War II

In 1775, soldiers wore hunting shirts to distinguish themselves from the British at the Siege of Boston. When World War II began in Europe in 1939, the uniforms worn by the soldiers were, in many cases, not much different...


Coastguard Captain Captures Stunning Photos Of Underwater Graveyard Full Of WWII Planes

Located near the Marshall Islands, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, is a graveyard of World War II planes that have been resting peacefully underwater for 70 years. Wisconsin-based Coastguard captain Brandi Mueller gives...


RANKED: The 35 Most Powerful Militaries in the World

The ranking was released recently and involves a complex set of data that is subject to ongoing adjustments and corrections.


US Military Pilot Shares This Most Amazing Story Ever

There were a lot of things we couldn't do in an SR-71, but we were the fastest guys on the block and loved reminding our fellow aviators of this fact.

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