German Prisoners of War Packed into the Nonant le Pin Prisoner Camp

Thousands of German prisoners of war at Nonant le Pin POW camp after the Falaise Pocket battles in which over 30,000 Germans were captured. The Germans were captured following the Falaise Pocket battle in August 1944, with...


35 Most Elite Special Forces Around The World

Pity the fools who get on the wrong side of these elite fighters.


The Big 3 of the Second World War (1943)

The “Big Three of World War II” – Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill –- meeting at the Tehran Conference (1943) The Tehran Conference was a strategy meeting of Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill...


What World War II Soldiers’ Battle Gear Look Like

In 1775, soldiers wore hunting shirts to distinguish themselves from the British at the Siege of Boston. When World War II began in Europe in 1939, the uniforms worn by the soldiers were, in many cases, not much different...


35 Most Powerful Militaries in the World

The ranking was released recently and involves a complex set of data that is subject to ongoing adjustments and corrections.


The Massive Cold War Russian Plane (36 Pictures)

In 1987, the first 350-ton Soviet battle missile carrier was produced. The massive "ship" was called Lun (also called Project 903), after the Russian name for a bird of prey, harrier.

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