30 Scary Photos of the Early Days of Dentistry

It was in the late 1700s that gutsy people who called themselves dentists started to appear. It will be for about 100 years later that Dentistry as a profession would be licensed and standardized. But before that, if you...


Top Ten Myths About Introverts

Now I understand my introvert friends better.


The Evolution of Medicine from 400 BC to 2011


15+ Things People With Anxiety Want You To Know

Anxiety disorders are often met with negative prejudices. Admiringly, more and more people who suffer from chronic anxiety have become brave enough to...


14 Reasons Why People Died So Much Younger 100 Years Ago

In 1796 an English doctor named Edward Jenner took incredible risks to get rid of smallpox. His remarkable work is said to have “saved more lives than the work of any other human.” Because of his work and later...


What Would Happen to Your Body If You Didn’t Sleep?

Why is sleep so necessary? This video from TED-Ed perfectly explains the science behind sleep and we really, really need a good, deep shut eye every night. Watch! Credit: Youtube / TED-Ed

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