2020 pandemic and how quarantine is affecting relationships

The 2020 pandemic due to the outbreak of Corona virus has altered our lives in the most unexpected ways. This biologically advanced virus is affecting people brutally.


This is not fake news – President Donald Trump actually suggested that disinfectant injection be used to fight coronavirus.

Before you even contemplate this is a reasonable suggestion for eliminating coronavirus, we must insist that it is not! What President Donald Trump suggested in his own words last week was quite astonishing for a leader...


Why Is Taking Action Fast Important If You Have A Head Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) affect around 1.5 million Americans every year, reports the CDC, and they affect children as well as adults.


7 Easy Tips to Overcome Depression

In the contemporary world, depression is one of the most common conditions, which totally interferes with people’s normal lives.


Effective Tips to Avoid Foot Pain in Arch in Daily Life

If you’re suffering from foot arch pain, you know how it can really ruin your day. Nothing puts a damper on a morning walk or an afternoon commute like searing or stabbing pain in the arch of your foot. If your job requires...


10 Tips to Stay Cool While Sleeping

When temperatures hit 100 degrees, summer nights can get quite uncomfortable. It is even worse for couples or if you co-sleep...

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