Funniest TV Shows that Also Have Hilarious Games

Comedy shows have a way of transcending the screen, especially nowadays, with the funniest quotes being recreated whenever the perfect situation strikes.


A Glimpse Into The Future of Gaming With Artificial Intelligence

When speaking of AI or artificial intelligence and the gaming industry, many fail to recognize that most of the games nowadays have AI components incorporated in them.


The Best PSP Games to Play Using an Emulator

Nostalgia is that powerful thing that makes you watch old movies, visit various places from your childhood, and play old-school games, of course.


Where to Find and How to Play Nintendo DS Games Now

A reliable emulator and ROMs represent the ideal tandem that can pave the way for you to get into the fascinating world of retrogaming.


The Latest Best Advice for Online Casino Games

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to play poker, enjoy a casual game of blackjack or spin the reels on a slot machine your choices were limited to a land-based casino or a clunky and hard to access online alternative.


Three of the Most Interesting Historical Characters Featured in Video and Slot Games

As far as history is concerned, there are some stories you simply can’t make up. As the old saying goes, truth is very often stranger than fiction, and some of the most vibrant characters who’ve ever lived seem like they...

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