This Is The Best Text Reply Ever To Scammers

You’ve probably received one of those nasty spam messages from a scammer. This man had enough of their nonsense and replied to the scammer with one of the most hilarious responses we’ve seen to date. Enjoy!


When You’re Having A Bad Day At Work… Read This.

This funny newspaper article is a sure way to make you feel better about your job. Works like magic!


23 Pictures Of Cats That Prove They’re Just Cuddly Little Jerks

Okay, this is it. We can now prove that cats are pretty much just adorable little jerks. Here are the photos to support that claim (one based on a completely scientific study): 1. “Good catch, kid. Now it’s mine.”...


This Looks Like A Perfect Relationship

Image via webfail


After Taking This 15-Second Test, I Wasn’t Expecting This Result

I didn't do well at all!


These Are Actual Exchanges Between Pilots And Ground Controllers. Freakin’ Priceless.

Is this real life? Seriously?

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