24 Warning Signs That Prove Common Sense Isn’t Common At All

Warning signs do what they do best – prepare us for possible danger. But while most of them make perfect sense, there are others that will make you do a double take and wonder what’s the story behind the sign....


The Best Email Exchange Ever Between a Father and the School Chaplain

Funniest thing you'll read today.


What A Church Sign War Looks Like


50 States of America If They’re Actually People in a Bar

Some of these are SO TRUE it hurts.


Hilarious Difference Between Mom and Dad’s Parenting Styles

When it comes to kids, there are things that dads can do better than moms. But some dads are pretty much just giant kids. You wouldn’t let giant kids watch your kids, would you?


35 Pictures Of Famous People In History Just Being Themselves

Really love it when famous people in history appear in pictures looking as silly as everybody else.

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