Watching This Freediver Riding An Underwater Ocean Current Is Completely Surreal

Free diver Guillaume Nery and filmmaker Julie Gautier collaborated for the second time for this breathtaking "Ocean Gravity” video. Shot underwater at the Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa at the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia,...


It Took Scientists 125 Years to Really See What This Van Gogh Painting Really Is, And It’s AWESOME!

In 1889 Vincent van Gogh painted The Starry Night from the window of his asylum room, just before sunrise. For many years, millions of people have looked at it in awe and admiration, but not really seeing what scientists...


25 Most Shocking Archaeological Discoveries In Human History

From ancient computers to massive underground armies, gruesome corpses to undecipherable manuscripts, these 25 archaeological discoveries will make you wonder how complex, bizarre and to some extent horrifying our past used...


Conservators Discovered 100-Year-Old Negatives Frozen In A Block Of Ice in Antarctica

They were restoring one of the exploration huts in Antarctica when they discovered a box that held a remarkable treasure.


28 Amazing Photos That Give Us A True Perspective About Our World

Technology allows us to look beyond the world as we know it, giving us a mind-blowing perspective about the true size of our world, which...


Man Single-Handedly Dug a Road Right Through A Mountain After His Wife Died

They told him this was impossible. It took him a hammer, a chisel, and 22 years to prove...

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