What Would Happen To Our Planet If All Humans Disappeared?

These brilliant science people did an excellent job in exploring the impact humanity has on the planet, and what would happen to it if we’re all gone.


What The Earth Would Look Like If All The Ice Melted

Whether you believe in climate change or not, it isn't pretty. Floods. Droughts. Forest fires. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.


The Most Powerful Drunk Driving Ad EVER

Everyone NEEDS to see this one.


10 Interesting Features of Japanese Education System that Made Them the Envy of the World

We associate words like intelligence, politeness, and strong health when we talk about the Japanese people. But what really makes the Japanese people so distinctive and different from the rest of us? We may have a very interesting...


Cocoa Farmers Tasting Chocolate for the First Time Ever

Ivory Coast is the largest exporter of cocoa beans (the main ingredient in chocolate) in the world. But the impoverished farmers of cocoa beans in the country generally have never seen, and cannot afford to buy the finished...


North Korea Leader Would Really Hate You If You Watch This, Which Is More Reason to Watch It

When Yeonmi Park was 9 years old, she saw her friend’s mom publicly executed for doing something many of us consider a normal activity. Listen to her heart-wrenching story about the horrible things she's lived through.

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