What Happens To Your Body 1 Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke

Most of us know drinking Coke isn't good for us. But what really happens to our body after drinking a can of this sugar-laden beverage? It's really pretty eye opening. A detailed infographic from


When You See This Scary Side Of The Modern Food Industry, You’ll Probably Be Fed Up, Too.

Remember that time when tobacco companies were fooling us? That’s what’s happening with the food industry right now and, thankfully, people are starting to fight back. Watch this eye-opening video and please SHARE with...


This Lonely 98-Year-Old Grandma Shares Secret At 3:45 That Broke My Heart!

98-year-old Mary lives alone in a small apartment. When a film crew decided to make a documentary about her daily life, they had no idea the heartache that would be captured. This made me call my Grandma after watching it!


This Filipina and Her Brother Invented a Lamp That Runs Entirely on Metal and Salt Water

The idea is so simple, yet kind of genius. With just a few strips of metal, table salt and tap water, or seawater, their brilliant invention can bring light to millions of homes that don’t have electricity, and can’t...


This Could Happen To You At A Checkout Line. Here’s How To Protect Yourself.

With thermal imaging cameras now affordable and easy to conceal, evil-doers can easily steal your ATM PIN and all the money from your account. Watch the lady in this video and how the guy stole her PIN code. Learn also how...


These Bikers Support Abused Children During Courtroom Cases

The BACA members believe that no child deserves to live in fear, and they'll go above and beyond in order to make the children more comfortable and supported as they deal with terrible experiences such as sexual and physical...

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