What Families Around The World Eat (24 photos)

Photographer Peter Manzel takes traditional food photography to a global scale. In his book Hungry Planet, he took snapshots of what families around the world eat.


Photographer Visited This Remote Pacific Island and Shocked to Find a Paradise Turned into Graveyard

It’s so simple and beautiful, and yet also heartbreaking. It’s a real gem that comes along rarely, carrying with it a powerful message. A lot of people should see this.


This Happens to Our Body After Eating a Piece of Chocolate

Village medicine men prescribed chocolate for a variety of ailments. The Aztecs called it the food of the gods. Today chocolate is the most favorite treat on the planet. It also has plenty of health benefits. Below are just...


Blind Man and His Armless Friend Spend Over 10 Years Planting 10,000 Trees in China

Just 12 years ago, a stretch of land in Jingxing County, Hebei, China was filled with nothing but rocks and weeds. But thanks to the dedication and hard work of Jia Haixia, an elderly blind man, and his friend Jia Wenqi,...


This Incredible Video Proves That Everything Is Connected To Everything

This has stuck with me for the last few days.


What Would Happen To Our Planet If All Humans Disappeared?

These brilliant science people did an excellent job in exploring the impact humanity has on the planet, and what would happen to it if we’re all gone.

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