The World’s Most Successful Forensic Artist Helps Solve Over 1000 Crimes!

Lois Gibson holds The Guinness Book of World Records as “The World’s Most Successful Forensic Artist.” Her extraordinarily accurate sketches of criminals have solved over 1,000 crimes. Lois became passionate about forensic...


33 Pictures Of Most Astonishingly Creative Environmental Art You’ll Ever See

From stunning snowshoe prints to breathtaking underwater sculptures, environmental art has the power to change the way we view our world.


20+ Strange Animal Hybrids Bred In Photoshop

How awesome would it be if you can combine any two animals into one magnificent creature? Too bad nature won’t allow it. But hey, Photoshop does! The reddit community /r/HybridAnimals has around 40,000+ digital artists...


Filipino Artist Creates Impressively Detailed Doodles With His Pens

Filipino artist Kerby Rosanes creates hyper-detailed doodles using only his black pens. His magical doodle world is characterized and inspired by whimsical elements (patterns, lines, and characters) combined together to produce...


It Took 6 Years And 720,000 Attempts to Finally Get This Perfect Photo

This amazing shot of a diving kingfisher was six years and 720K photos in the making.


200-Year-Old Cabinet Shows The Incredible Genius of Furniture Makers in the Past (1750-1800)

King Frederick William II once owned this awesome cabinet, which you can now find on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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