Powerful Photos Capture The Special Moments These Beautiful Dogs Were Rescued

Dogs are family, but sadly not everyone treats them that way. Some suffer a life of neglect and abuse. Some are homeless, and some are abandoned. Thankfully, there are always people who care enough to ensure every unloved...


Moment When This Gorilla in the Wild Reunites With The Man Who Raised Him

Conservationist Damian Aspinall helped raise Kwibi in a zoo in England when he was a baby. When he turned 5, Kwibi was released into the wild of Gabon, West Africa. Five years later, Damian decided to see how Kwibi was doing,...


Next Time Someone Tells You To Be Afraid Of Sharks, Show Them This

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47 Perfectly Timed Shots Of Beautiful Creatures In The Wild

To get these amazing shots requires plenty of patience, skills and luck. But as they say in animal photography, as in life in general: the greater the challenge, the greater the rewards.


Crocodile Thought It Had a Tasty Snack When a Lion Decided to Go for a Swim

This lion learns a lesson the hard way that water is the domain of the crocodile. He was just trying to make his way across the pond when a crocodile attacked him. Lucky for the lion, he made it alive.


The story of this baby manatee being saved is touching and beautiful

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