After Watching This Video, I’ll Never Look At My Dogs The Same Way Again

This delightful short video is for all of us dog lovers. Enjoy watching and if you have a second please share this wonderful video with your animal-loving friends.

billy dog

They Gave This Poor Stray Dog A Home To Die In. But They Never Expected This.

A dog lover saw a homeless dog on the brink of death, so she decided to do something, at least give the poor animal a shelter to die in. But the stray dog named Billy had something else in mind. He decided to live instead....


Owner Invents Hilarious Doggy Leotards After Frustrated By Dog Shedding In His Car

People can’t stop cracking up.


Incredible Rescue Of This Goose Family Is Like Nothing You’ll Ever See

When Wildlife Aid received a call about a family of geese stuck in a neighborhood, they immediately went to rescue them and get them somewhere safe. But rescuing an entire bird family is tough. You've gotta be quick enough...


7 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed Every Night

Some people will tell you not to allow your dog into your bed. It's not good for your health because it's dirty and all that. But there are actually health benefits to letting your best friend sleep on your bed every night....


A Dog’s Purpose in Life According to a 6-Year-Old

Simply one of the best answers ever. We could all learn a thing or two from this young man.

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