Antelope Surrounded by Hungry Hyenas Evaded Them With His Cleverness (14 Pics)

There’s so much drama happening every day in the animal kingdom. In these captured heart-stopping images, a magnificent-looking kudu (a large African antelope) was in serious trouble. A pack of hungry predators are surrounding...


Excited Lion Leaps Into This Guy’s Arms For A Giant Hug

Watch the heart-stopping, incredible moment when a fully grown lioness lunges at the man. But it didn’t end in tragedy, they embrace in an amazing affectionate hug. Watch the video and don’t forget to share! The guy’s...


25 Amazing Animals that Nature Forgot to Color

Nature is awesomely colorful, but sometimes forgetful.

pet weight loss - FI

Amazing Weight Loss Stories Everyone Should See: Adorable Pet Edition

Lucky for this guy, he bounced back into shape. Doesn't he look better after the weight loss?


Artist Turns Tightly Rolled Newspaper Into Incredibly Realistic Animal Sculptures You’ll Ever See

For Japanese Chie Hitotsuyama, newspapers are not just for reading but great materials for incredibly realistic animal sculptures. With an almost inhuman form of patience and talent, Hitotsuyama starts her work by densely...


Watch How Wild Animals Reacted When They See Their Reflections For The First Time

What they got on tape is stunning, completely hilarious, and sometimes a little bit scary.

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