Guy Is About to Abduct a Girl He Met on FB. But Watch What Happens When Her Parents Show Up

Persin, armed with a fake profile, posed as a 15-year-old boy who "just moved into town" and sent the teen subjects friend requests on Facebook. Not only did the girls accepted the request and chatted with him, every one...

zeus 4

Rescued Blind Owl Has The Eyes That Can Melt Your Heart In An Instant

Meet Zeus, the blind Western Screech Owl with eyes that look like a magical starry night. Zeus was found emaciated and injured on the front porch of a home in Southern California. Seeing his situation, his rescuers immediately...


When You’re Having A Bad Day At Work… Read This.

This funny newspaper article is a sure way to make you feel better about your job. Works like magic!

sand cats - FI

Meet The Sand Cats — The Unbearably Adorable Felines That Stay Kitten-Cute Forever

What’s cuter than a cat? A kitten, of course! Now if we can only freeze time so those adorable little kitties stay cute as a button… forever. Well, that’s not happening. But, you’d be surprised and...


Then And Meow: 32 Cats Recreate Adorable Photos From Their Kittenhood

“Me and my bro 12 years later :’)”


3 Brothers + Dad Recreated Childhood Photos To Make This Funny Calendar For Mom

When parenting done right...

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