How The Dog Sees It While Being Rescued

Have you ever rescued a pet by adopting one from the shelter? You can only imagine how important it is, not only for the people who make...


24 Famous People Who Used To Be Homeless Before They Rose To Fame

Homelessness can affect anyone. No one is immune. Just take a look at these famous people on this list. Before they rose to fame, these people were struggling hard to make ends meet. Some of them weren’t only poor,...


For 35 Seconds, Here’s A Video That Shows What It’s Like To Be A Happy Dog

Walter is a Labrador. Watch him the moment his human took the leash off of him. There’s no stopping him to do what he really loves. Yeah, go run Walter, run! Credit: sciu89


Man Had Scary Chance Encounter with Wild Mountain Gorillas in Uganda And It’s Incredible

While hiking in Bwindi National Park in Uganda, John King II had an incredible chance encounter with a troop of wild Mountain Gorillas. The situation was a bit scary and tense up when something unexpected and magical happened....


People Who Definitely Feel The Cruel Financial Sting Of Christmas

8. When you check your bank account after New Year… waaaah!


This Is What Your Dog Thinks About You

For the love of dogs, pass it on...

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